commune 1-73
73 fragments on the paris-commune by claudia bosse with accomplices.
from august 25th, 2021 to may 29th, 2022. FFT düsseldorf.


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claudia bosse with accomplices
commune 1-73

fragment 23 model(habitat)
düsseldorf, september 2021
with kornelia robotecki, krishan robotecki, thomas widera and mun wai lee

the architecture students come in threes, two of them are a couple with a little daughter.

they talk about the "little house" initiative in cologne for mobile dwellings for homeless people.

i had approached them to consider if we, together and with our knowledge, could develop mobile habitats from the existing material. habitats that are mobile and can adapt to the building site.

we discuss and collect barrier grids, hook them sideways, upright to each other, into each other, so that the rain can drain away. most habitats here have a square construction. with a flat roof, on which, when it rains, the rain collects and soaks in.

we think about how we can make our thoughts accessible? we decide to build a model house and trust that through mutual observation here the model house will be further developed, moved in space and appropriated.

we make three more raw versions of the model habitat without tarpaulin with the transportable folding mechanism for free removal by the inhabitants.

we leave rope and cable ties on site.

a resident from poland told us that today the police was there and everyone was asked to leave the ground.

the environmental office is hired to clear only the upper part of the site (to kölner straße). when asked, they say they will not clear the habitats. the public order office, which comes by later, again knows nothing about the clearing.

but they ask what i am doing. i say i am digging. they ask what i am saying. i am taking soil samples. they ask if i know that i am not allowed to enter the area. i answer that there is no sign. they say: still! i ask if they know who owns the ground and why the fence is open.

emmanuel from ghana lives under a tarpaulin on the wall facing the largest holiday INN hotel in germany, which stands above it.

we convince him to take up a basic tent model next to his dwelling and to pull his tarpaulin attached to the wall over it.

he does not want to at first, because he has to leave the ground anyway.

we talk about the private ground and that we doubt that everything will be cleared right now. they begin with the construction only in the area of kölner straße.

we tell the residents about the different areas of ownership and the times of the planned construction.

catella, ado adler and the city of düsseldorf. the borders in between, city and private investors, luxury apartments and subsidized housing for acoustic insulation of the luxury buildings.

two days later, i watch as the model habitat (the one with the green tarpaulin) is turned by two men and weighted down and covered with the beams lying next to it. the open side parts are sealed with a red-beige fabric.



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