commune 1-73
73 fragments on the paris-commune by claudia bosse with accomplices.
from august 25th, 2021 to may 29th, 2022. FFT düsseldorf.


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claudia bosse
commune 1-73

fragment 41 acoustic texture of spaces

Often they are spaces that will soon no longer exist
that disappear are demolished are changed
temporary zones
or else
they are spaces that happen and rarely anyone understands as a SPACE
spaces that are usually understood at that moment as
unWELCOME remnants of CARElessness
as damage as omission as nuisance
often places
which are part of changes
changes through politics through economy or society
spaces that have inscribed in them
traces of different uses and different material histories and their destruction.
they are spaces of DECAY
spaces in which supposed carelessness allows the unPLANNED to emerge
landscapes of disCOMFORT
places where people on the fringes of society often find themselves
voluntarily or involuntarily stay
often animals too
rats insects goats birds

they are unprotected
against the demands
against the noises that happen around them
marked over their edges and borders
open to all that acts around them
which mixes and mingles on the terrain
often what you look at - in front of you - is very different from what you hear - around you, or behind you.

an open difference of the visual texture
to the acoustic texture
vastness and desolation to the sounds of the city
sirens trains cars voices
or the rustling of leaves, the bleating of goats, the sound of plastic left behind.

these places are marked by the elements
rain wind water sun
the wind sweeps through them
exposed to sun and rain without protection
wind always wind
in the microphone
wind that sets to music every sound you hear and carries it away
one's own footstep usually audible over gravel or
gravel or pebbles that amplify the movement underneath me or earth, sand or soft organic material that
which muffles the step of my every movement
sometimes the light sound of plastic that
only sounds when it is touched
by my foot or the wind
waste thrown or drifted away

WASTE that sounds
mixing with stone sand plant earth
in the closeness of my body and its movement
and make these places, which i leave one after the other, audible
in a distance
places that form a terrain that is set to music by the surrounding edges
the SILENCE in the GAZE and the noise in both ears
the distance between them that makes the seen into space

with all that ONE DOES NOT SEE
under or behind or to the side of oneself
the hearing that makes the seeing into space
space in the eye/s
staggered space of different distances around me in hearing

MIStrusting the seeing
more often !!!!


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