theatercombinat | 28th march - 15th april 2016 - POEMS OF THE DAILY MADNESS an opera by günther auer. claudia bosse / theatercombinat, residency workspacebrussels, kaaistudio's, brussels (be).



terror lies in the mundane, in the daily madness, in the every day excessive demand, of being flooded 24/7 overwhelmingly by various catastrophic information, causing consequences with which one can rarely confront with consciously. from this indication, how can one create poems out of this daily madness? as overlayering actions, sounds, field recordings, media reports, speech, language, survival acts, acts of love and bodies in order to escape this madness, to normalize it or resist it.
what could become collective rituals of being together and being here, understood as collective poetic formulations of resistance which may lead into complete confusion but maybe also undermine and subvert the reality embedding us? 

photo: claudia bosse

residence workspacebrussels: concept/artistic direction: claudia bosse, concept/composition: günther auer; with/ by: katja dreyer, nora steinig, florian tröbinger; organisation: anna etteldorf, margot wehinger

production by theatercombinat, in cooperation with workspacebrussels, supported bywien kultur.

resideny at workspacebrussels
28th march - 15th april 2016

2017 in vienna

location of the resideny
OLV van vaakstraat 81,
rue notre-dame du sommeil
1000 brüssel theatrale produktion und rezeption