theatercombinat, supporting young artists and art companies, offered short term research residencies providing a free studio space to artists, production teams, dancers, choreographers in last minute need for a space to research and develop parts of their projects.

the studio was located in one of the buildings inside the "universität für musik und darstellende kunst wien" and was being used through the year by small theatre associations, artists and choreographers for training and project development.

due to drastic funding cutbacks and moving to a working space without studios we unfotunately cannot provide the residency program anymore.


artists supported in the framework of the LM residency by theatercombinat

michael o'connor

inferno (ewa bankowska & clélia colonna)

milan loviska


michael o'connor
3 sept - 14 sept 2012

despcription of his research project:

"the term empathy has a broad definition within performing arts, but dance is the one art form dealing with the body where its understanding and implementation is needed most. our main interest in research is the use of empathy between performers, within the empathic structure between audience and performer. in performance, empathy becomes a moving ingredient fluctuating among the performers and reaching to the gazing audience.

specifically, we would look at two classes of empathy: mentalizing and experience sharing.

empathy as a neuroscientific tool for performance would be utilized for; perceiving and predicting instantly the actions of others, balancing the presence between performers and audience, experimenting with the configurations of a trio, and making visual space tactile for the audience through stage design."

inferno (ewa bankowska & clélia colonna)
12 feb - 20 feb 2013

description of "no time for crecendo":

“chaos – an ancient word originally denoting a complete lack of form or systematic arrangement, but now often used to imply the absence of some kind of order that ought to be present.”
edward n. lorenz

no time for crescendo - have to hit from the first go. we are developing a sustainable and regular practice of movement tasks, traditional singing and text improvisations as well as a full-evening performance. 

what is it? how the arms reach the eyes for so long. prepare fire crackers and sail to the bench. step, say, swim, strangle and bow. fractal suspiscious figurative performace of know-how and i-dont-know how. beware interpretation / forsee victims / shake ground.

milan loviska
6 may -16 may 2013

description of "in the cold light of darkness something's gonna die a.k.a. ugly piece of shit":

"the viennese axe massacre in 17 minutes or shift of horror from film to stage."
in this relatively short "performance of horror" the artist explores possibilities of evoking dread, fear, anxiety and tension without a narrative. by combining the defying elements of horror - occultism, sexual imagery, surrealism and disturbance - with the typical archetypal horror characters of a serial killer or psychopath he creates visual gore without a spill of blood (fake nor real). it is like an unsettling dream made of bizarre shapes and grotesque shadows clouded with mystery and perverted suspension, a latent visceral fantasy about removal of repression and expansion of the frontiers of reality.

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