commune 1-73
73 fragments on the paris-commune by claudia bosse with accomplices.
from august 25th, 2021 to may 29th, 2022. FFT düsseldorf.


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claudia bosse
commune 1-73

fragment 14 temporary ZONEs
düsseldorf, september 2021

temporary ZONEs
temporary zones
tuned spaces
what if it was not about securing spaces or territories,
but about their inVOCation
possible even improbable NARRATIVES of place/s
improbable narratives that activate PLACEs and make them probable in a different way.
with actions and negotiations that are inSCRIBEd
that become part of the imaginings about this place this urban space this landscape
(does a place have an imagination or do we - whoever this we means - imagine places?)
IMAGINATIONS that are imprinted in places
into the consciousness of collective imagination, of witnesses, neighbors, users
experience of places - a memory decaying with bodies
memories as deposits on the surfaces of places,
deposits on house walls, hills, leaves, sheets, skins, hairs, furs,
and then deposits become depositions in the substance of this or that space
or multiple memory of experienced otherness
other dimensions, other relations, other realities
of the things, of the living beings, of the built matter, of the people, of the different groupings, of the individuals
through a call for collective action
actions performed with caution or otherwise dealing with relations of the material, of the imaginary, of the social
applied ethics/s
as training with imaginings of different im/possibilities
opening the temporary artistic zone
temporary zone
as tuned space
of a specific time

this zone is threatened
at risk due to misuse appropriation misunderstanding

it's not about securing a territory, but about going to a place
where one takes over the responsibility for a space for a certain period of time
with all its creatures, appearances and various actors.
superimposed symbioses of different claims, which show themselves recognizably as actions
(city as a structure of different temporary zones)

every security of a space asks for legitimacy.
why this and not that? why this and not others?
legitimacy that justifies consolidation, on a level of utility
legitimized taking of space
which functionalizes spaces in democratic alignments of capitalist
capitalist valorization
and makes imPOSSIBLE design in these terrains impossible.

temporary zone
other grasp

the lasting in spaces brings at the same time the spaces to disappear
they no longer exist
because they are incorporated into the bodies that move in them, incorporated in their colors and dimensions
as interior or surrounding spaces, incorporated in their colors and dimensions
they join smoothly in the certainty of their touching bodies
incorporated knowledge
spaces disappear in routinized actions that transfer the spaces into gestures, ways, rhythms, time, processes
city as a fabric of various charged zones
changing liquid nomadic attempts of limited time

the chance of the commune of 1871 is its temporality
its limited time of (im)possibility
60, 72 or 73 days

not the outlasting
but the cracks in the continuum
cracks in time
actions and embeddings
as imaginary openings

urban actionism is about appropriation, as bulwarks of neoliberal exploitation, which eludes the market
but nomadic temporary zones elude insurance and long term exploitation
i want the temporary appropriation
in the exploration of
intermediate spaces the intermediate corners the ...
as a multi-membered encounter with (urban) life that has been outsourced or outsourced in places.


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