commune 1-73
73 fragments on the paris-commune by claudia bosse with accomplices.
from august 25th, 2021 to may 29th, 2022. FFT düsseldorf.


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claudia bosse with accomplices
commune 1-73

fragment 15 the missing horse or the eternity by the stars 1
düsseldorf, september 25th, 2021
performance tryout with veronique alain, günther auer, mun wai lee, brigitta schirdewahn, anja kieselbach as well as rambam and sir harry

the flags that beat in time
the duration of the actions
the time spent together
as a grouping
as a group on a site
with people, spectators and others
who live here

different invocations of the space
complicity in the change of the space, this space
the mutability of the spaces-

the missing horse
or the eternity in the stars

reconstructions into infinity
the laying out of the materials as surfaces on which to read
markings in space
the staking out of surfaces as areas to stay on
as colors in the landscape
doppelganger planets

the reading of chapter 8 of auguste blanquis' book "eternity with the stars" written at the time of the commune
imprisoned one day before the events of the independent government, which was preparing for years in which he participated
now imprisoned thinking in the infinity
we are surrounded by a vastness
with huts on the edges
found as temporary dwelling
with substances in their veins or in the mucous membranes, the lungs,
create other realities
behind the fence that in black erases the place to the outside
houses and rails that watch this wound
wound or space
misery or possibility
star and sun choreography
venus mars
planet choreographies
the train, the sun, the stars



photos: kathrin tiedemann

material used
- illustrations from guides á travers les ruines, hans ludovic, jj blanc, ed. alphonse lemerre, paris june 1871;
- film music of october by sergei eisenstein 1927; composition by dmitri shostakovich
- l'éternité par les astres, louis-auguste blanqui, paris, librairie germer baillière, 1872
die ewigkeit der gestirne, louis-auguste blanqui, vienna 2017
eternity by the stars, louis-auguste blanqui, ny 2013
- note sheets by U.E. found in november 2016, in the rooms of the post office loading dock - which stood on this site - during rehearsals for the last IDEAL PARADISE

louis-auguste blanqui (1825-1881) was a communard and was imprisoned one day before the paris commune, where he wrote the text eternity through the stars.

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