commune 1-73
73 fragments on the paris-commune by claudia bosse with accomplices.
from august 25th, 2021 to may 29th, 2022. FFT düsseldorf.


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claudia bosse with accomplices
commune 1-73

fragment 19 transfiguration of the paris commune
düsseldorf, september 26th, 2021
concert by günther auer and claudia bosse

i sink into one of the black leather chairs while looking outside. a view that has been steering me for two weeks. through red letters. observing life on the street. the bus station, bistros, all the way to worringer platz; around the corner of the wasteland at the grand central. streetcars, cars, orange yellowish lights conquer the darkness.

the sound of the street makes me sink deeper into the armchair. no horse, ammunition, chunks of stone. fragments, shreddings, women in the dawn. the sound wanders (quickly) along the window façade; it touches the tired ears.
trains of thought swim in the recapitulation of the past.

she pouts, swings the light, walks through the room; his sound gets louder, fills the room.

body under the stone
body against stone
body against stone
body against body

my thoughts wander; they are invited to move into such a concrete, yet so imagined place of what has taken place; in a now, where the rough night of the worringer straße is allowed to resonate. an after-thought, an after-feeling, a gliding, a flowing. i lie on my back, watching the street from the side.

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