commune 1-73
73 fragments on the paris-commune by claudia bosse with accomplices.
from august 25th, 2021 to may 29th, 2022. FFT düsseldorf.


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claudia bosse
commune 1-73
fragment 3 concrete utopia
berlin/ vienna, september 7th, 2021

art can be concrete utopia
in the formulation of improbabilities
concrete utopia is a practice with others
a training
body spaces imaginations
the improbable becoming material, haptically experienced in a limited time
materialised spaces of the improbable
which encounter various forms of social life
these temporary places of art are penetrated disturbed abraded
or only exist in the encounter with social subjects
who grasp these improbable formulations in one way or another.

the space, indeed the space, as an environment that makes possible
a space-time as unfolding in which the big U can be possible
Utopia Utopia AAAAtopia CHRONOtopos
SPACE-TIME for haptic speculations or new mythologies
THERE possible to think or possible
attention to the ephemeral or the ephemeral

places as
TIME in a place
they exist in time and they do not exist
art creates these places in time as nonSPACES of experimental relations

are utopias always bound only to the human species and its organisation of social spaces and orders? as ideal societies thinking societies of people with people?
or dystopias HORRORfying or futureVISIONS
from where are these NONspaces thought?
if i were to live with the worms and microbes
would live under the earth
would decay and be eaten away
i would disintegrate and become part of other
ecological utopia/s or
art as an experience to understand our relationship with the non-human
or the atoms within us that come from other galaxies

utopia is the place we may have to leave
for it thinks with power or powers oppression resistance
in systems of property organisation preservation
other places of thinking may not enable a place but a CHANGE OF SUBSTANCES
exchange, substances becoming other through other, transFORMATION
the substance or its decay always becomes nutrient for other/s
and at the same time
utopia is a place
out of function
a place that resists time and captures time
that makes movements and articulations possible that are not already domesticated by the corresponding purpose or dominated in the exploitation chain of simple usefulness.
STONE time

when i look at a stone or a rock formation
i see the pushing out of time that exceeds my lifetime many times over
pushing of earth masses or the cooling of formerly volcanic fluids
time as landscape
marked by human labour in layered stone paths
markings of comprehensibility or use
but I a point of time
lifetime a tiny POINT in time in this place
millions of years
chronotopos topos

a few days ago i visited an industrial wasteland in berlin with an ecologist who asked me not to take any pictures so that this place would remain secret. protected in its proliferating beauty. a proliferation in the city. IT IS a utopian place, because things are allowed to grow in it, and because it is poisoned. a toxic place, and only because it is toxic, it is not touched, recycled or interfered with. with organic overgrowths of remnants of industrial production, with tiles, metal, concrete and sea lentils that draw a light green layer over a former clarifier. different times. out of function.
left to itself
a possibility is always the decay of something else
is utopia (also) a leaving in time?
in places where this is allowed to happen
a secret place that is allowed to proliferate
whose entry is a legal trespass
poisoned but regenerating

the oldest stone is four billion years old
from the EARTH inside to the EARTH surface
from memory to the surface
volcanic movements, transformations of energy/s
magma deep magma weathering and erosion
COOLing erosion decomposition
sun wind rain
perhaps the first utopia i encountered was
jules verne's "journey to the centre of the earth".
the idea of something unimaginable

art the inconceivable
not to repeat the REAL
but to make the unimaginable imaginable
perhaps utopia is the place where the exhaustion of one's own existence can be handed over to the stones.
dimensions BEYOND TIME that are still imaginable for me

in java emptiness is never empty but always inhabited
emptiness as a place of inhabitation of different times, spirits and inhabitants of different substances
with rot insects fungi animals
what has been dwells or reigns in empty or abandoned places
they take them over and...

utopia as the place that allows some things to be found in others
the livers that the etruscans used as oracles were read according to models that recorded the transfer of their cosmology to a liver
an impossible correspondence or transfer
the cosmos in my organ

"all bodies, animate and inanimate, solid, liquid and gaseous, are bound together by those very things which separate them. everything holds each other"
the quote comes from auguste blanqui, one of the members of the french commune, but imprisoned when it took place, wrote in prison in 1871 the text "eternity through the stars" in which he argues that if everything that exists is composed of 64 simple substances (about 118 today) on which energy and gravity act, there is also a second planet earth on which events happen(d) differently than here, with alternative present and future.

perhaps it is also utopian that our present always appears in the light of the past. time always consists of different times. just as the stars we look at have long since burned up. when we look up at the sky, we see different pasts separated by light years, and the distance that the light travels through space from the source to us.
we see the polar star 430 years ago when we see the past of its glow in the night sky today.

horror or utopia?
transformation and being WITH. to be more precise, someday!
ENERGY light time
"for the departed of matter all become again parts of life, whatever their condition" auguste blanqui

for solidarity with the future (in art)!


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