commune 1-73
73 fragments on the paris-commune by claudia bosse with accomplices.
from august 25th, 2021 to may 29th, 2022. FFT düsseldorf.


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claudia bosse with accomplices
commune 1-73

fragment 6 ruins, a defeat
düsseldorf, september 16th, 2021
urban observation around a new space, live set with texts of the comune, ted gaier, mariana senne, dagmar tröstler ao.

fragment 6
a) observation
b) confrontation
c) speculation

the place here is the city before restructuring
before an intervention that will drive away
those present now, and with a different vision of the city
that overwrites this space
the displacement perhaps generates the need for a movement like that of the commune
pressure of the demand for spaces.

listening and watching
to realise what is really there
to get aware about it
to engage with the existent material und matter
to imagine the future
the transformation of material and documenting the different possible use
is a part of ecological thought

or in other words
the transformation of the existing material is a speculation of the possible

sound recording of the performance


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