theatercombinat | THYESTES BRÜDER! KAPITAL by claudia bosse after «thyestes» by seneca | 2nd – 17th october 2019 kasino am kempelenpark, vienna (at) | 11th 13th 14th september 2019 fft düsseldorf, botschaft am worringer platz (de) | a project by claudia bosse/theatercombinat in coproduction with fft düsseldorf (de)

sprache/language: deutsch / englisch

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- skug:
movement transcends
the word


- edith hall
the edithorial:
when karl met lucius annaeus: seneca & marx in vienna

- laura gianvittorio-ungar (engl.):
seneca, theatercombinat and embodied philology (pdf)

THYESTES BRÜDER! KAPITAL anatomy of a revenge

is based on seneca's «thyestes» in the translation of durs grünbein: two brothers struggle for power. staged cannibalism as demonstration (political) superiority and audacity of atreus, who lets his brother thyestes ignorantly devour his own children. a history of the recurring production of revenge that continues a cycle of violence whose greatest tenderness is the digestion of one's own children. an inner touch. incorporation and linguistic ejection of the (mentally) digested.

in the negotiation of past and future, the ancient theatrical text touches the present and questions its texture. violence and eloquence in the narrative of ancient myth is transformed into imaginary figures of patriarchal violence. the flesh of its narrative is the humus violence that triggers a cycle of competition and production of revenge since territory, power, property and (family) solidarity are at stake.

commentary texts, such as fragments from marx's «grundrisse der kritik der politischen ökonomie» (engl.: fundamentals of political economy criticism), bring this cycle of violence into a relationship of consumption and production of capitalism and the circulation of power, people, history, capital and materials.

under the direction of claudia bosse the 5 actors playing tantalus, furie, atreus, thyestes and messenger double as the choir and negotiate the constantly surpassing thirst for revenge: the mouth that swallows one's own flesh, emits words that meet other bodies, describing their dissection, evoking past and future as well as forming a community.

botschaft am worringerplatz, düsseldorf 2019
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photos: robin junicke

kasino am kempelenpark, vienna 2019
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photos: eva würdinger

concept, space, artistic direction: claudia bosse;
with: rotraud kern (choir/furia), mun wai lee (choir/atreus), nic lloyd (choir/thyestes), lilly prohaska (choir/tantalus), alexandra sommerfeld (choir/messenger),
juri zanger

youth choir düsseldorf: finn cam, nina daumen, sumejja dizdarevic, emma fuhrmeister, friederike kemmether, djordje mandic

youth choir vienna: gabriel blasl, sonia nicole brindus, sumejja dizdarevic, emma edwards, magdalena frauenberger, valentino gallo, anna grobauer, ines kaiser, franz perko, elina elisabeth pratter, josephina radojkovic, hannah resatz, victoria simon, jonas e. tonnhofer, roswitha zeillinger
youth choir: constance cauers (junges volkstheater)

sound, video: günther auer
technical direction: marco tölzer
critical witness: reinhold görling
assistant to the director: dagmar tröstler
intern: len-henrik busch, ella felber
communication: oliver maus, michael franz woels
press relations: barbara pluch
operations: alexander matthias kosnopfl
stage right: suhrkamp verlag berlin

a production by theatercombinat, in coproduction with fft düsseldorf, supported by wien kultur. visuals supported by resolume. cooperation with junges volkstheater, am kempelenpark

video- or audiorecordings and photography prohibited, entry granted only if over 16 years of age.

anatomy of a revenge

by claudia bosse after «thyestes» by seneca

2. 4. 5. 9. 11. 12. 15.–17. october 2019
kasino am kempelenpark
entry: kempelengasse 6
1100 vienna (at)
start: 7 pm
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after each performance there are talks at the
«slaughter bar» with the artistic team,
special guests are:

4.10. edith hall (professor of classics, london):
marx and classical cannibalism
12.10. monika meister (professor of dramatics, vienna):
choir and choreography
15.10. anne juren (choreographer, vienna):
anatomy and desires

press contact:
barbara pluch
+43 (0) 699 816 77 332

11. 13. 14. september 2019
fft düsseldorf
botschaft am worringer platz
worringer platz 4
40215 düsseldorf (de)
start: 8 pm theatrale produktion und rezeption