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we are up for touring!
ORACLE and SACRIFICE in the woods, ORACLE and SACRIFICE or the evacuation of the present are works by claudia bosse currently available for touring. contact produktion@theatercombinat.com for more information!



in case you missed it!
more about BONES and STONES can be found in form of interviews at skug, bühne and in the wiener zeitung. reviews were written by der standard, tanz.at and european cultural news. a conversation between herbert gnauer, marcela san pedro, günther auer and claudia bosse can be heard here.









ongoing projects

ORGAN/ismus - poetics of relations
a performative mesh over 4 years
2022 - 2025

PPS public performance school
for all generations
october 2021- october 2025




translocal performative academy (TPA)
ORGAN/ismus - poetics of relations
pilot-phase feb 2021 - jan 2022
TPA apr 2022 - dec 2025


commune 1-73
august 2021- may 2023



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