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2. analog meeting in jakarta!
the translocal performative academy (TPA) gathered from 05.12 to 10.12 together with the jakarta art council and dea widya, irwan ahmett, mun wai lee, yola yulfianti, frida robles, juli reinartz, alexander schellow, claudia bosse, patrick hartono, akbar yunmi und josh marcy


save the date!
the new work BONES and STONES by claudia bosse
premiere: 23. februar 2023
shows: 24./ 25. februar 2023
halle G tqw
museumsplatz 1, wien








ongoing projects

ORGAN/ismus - poetics of relations
a performative mesh over 4 years
2022 - 2025

PPS public performance school
for all generations
october 2021- october 2025




translocal performative academy (TPA)
ORGAN/ismus - poetics of relations
pilot-phase feb 2021 - jan 2022
TPA apr 2022 - dec 2025


commune 1-73
august 2021- may 2023



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