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in case you missed it
on 20 november we celebrated over 26 years of theatercombinat and the publication of the book about claudia bosse and theatercombinat kein theater. alles möglich edited by kathrin tiedemann and fanti baum.

you can find a recording of the presenation, the concert, the talks and interventions here!


up for touring
the works BONES and STONES, BONES and STONES in the landscape as well as ORACLE and SACRIFICE and ORACLE and SACRIFICE in the woods are available for touring! you can visit the project websites for further information, press reviews and a photo selection. alternatively you can download this dossier containing thematic, spatial as well as technological and organizational information on all works. or contact us directly via email.



the upcoming series in 2024
with haunted landscape/s, interventions, choreographies, performances and installations are created in landscapes that visibly bear the signs of their encroachment. human and non-human layers encounter them in the midst of fallow, devastated and forested terrain and meet its inhabitants. the series initially moves from the outskirts of the city of vienna, via a piece of forest on lake wörthersee, to the stage of the tanzquartier wien in autumn. the premiere will take place on
8 may in front of and in the seestadt studios wien.









ongoing projects

ORGAN/ismus - poetics of relations
a performative mesh over 4 years
2022 - 2025

PPS public performance school
for all generations
october 2021- october 2025




translocal performative academy (TPA)
ORGAN/ismus - poetics of relations
pilot-phase feb 2021 - jan 2022
TPA apr 2022 - dec 2025


commune 1-73
august 2021- may 2023



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