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10./18. mai - 24. mai 2011 dominant powers - eine installation von claudia bosse und günther auer

vampires of the 21st century oder was also tun?

vampires in new york

the future of the vampires


dominant powers - landscapes of discomfort

a system of several rooms, a dialogue between the observer and the arranged objects, their visual and acoustic informations. spatial narratives. the acoustics of the building.

video interviews done with us americans in january / february 2011 on questions of democracy, terrorism, identity. an interview on the revolution in egypt. media archive, ideas archive, collected text fragments, found and constructed.

the concrete space of the former image production facilities and the development laboratories of the former institute for military geography are overlaid with new maps, images and imaginations. territories. listening, language, sounds, images in opposing windows. empty hallways. voices behind closed doors.

„terrorism would be violent acts, conducted for political beliefs, that threaten the notion of security. for others.“

how does sense, narration, perception arise? how does thinking become spatial and walkable? a dialogue of working methods and an applied research for the following project "dominant powers. what is to be done then?"

may 10th 2011, about 9pm

may 18.-20. / 22.-24., 10 - 12pm
kartographisches institut
krotenthallergasse 3
1080 wien

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tel +43 (0)1 522 25 09


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