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claudia bosse - artistic director
günther auer - sound/media
dagmar tröstler - production
marco tölzer - technical director
oliver maus - assistance communication

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claudia bosse, oliver maus
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günther auer s a composer and media artist. he studied composition and electro-acoustic composition at the university of music and performing arts in vienna, where he subsequently worked as a lecturer in the field of music and computer. he works in cooperation with a wide variety of artists and in a wide variety of formats. 2012 / 2013 he was senior artist at the university of applied arts in the field of digital art. his work was awarded the austrian museum prize forsonosphere, the austrian multimedia prize for zauberflöte im mozarthaus and the austrian prize for art in public space pfann ohmann for ID am dornerplatz. since 2009 he has been working primarily with director claudia bosse on voice and sound architectural extensions in public and private spaces. since 2017 among others for the multi-part cycle (katastrophen 11/15) ideal paradise and the long-term project some democratic fictions – an interview series on political and social upheavals and revolutions as a transnational archive. most recently he composed sounds for the last IDEAL PARADISE in jakarta, in 2019 the sounds for the text-space-choreography THYESTES BRÜDER! KAPITAL anatomie einer rache and for the romantic singspiel POEMS of the DAILY MADNESS for 4 actors with texts by claudia bosse which premiered in october 2017 in vienna. www.guentherauer.com

dagmar tröstler ompleted her bachelor's degree in theater, film and media studies and then began interdisciplinary studies in gender studies at the university of vienna. in 2016 she interned at theatercombinat IDEAL PARADISE, in 2017 she worked as production assistant for EXPLOSION DER STILLE - a silent chorus and as assistant director for POEMS of the DAILY MADNESS since 2018 she worked as artistic assistant and regularly as assistant director (among others at 168 stunden and THYESTES BRÜDER! KAPITAL). since 2020 with the project the last IDEAL PARADISE in jakarta she started as production manager for theatercombinat.

marco tölzer completed an education as a carpenter and afterwards studied theater and philosophy at the university of vienna. conceptual collaboration with the opera unterwegs für undine, jäger grachus as well as other projects. since 2009 there is a continuous collaboration with claudia bosse and theatercombinat (among others on designed desires, catastrophic paradise, POEMS of the DAILY MADNESS, 168 stunden, the last IDEAL PARADISE in düsseldorf, essen and jakarta). he is specialized in technical direction, buildings, light and the invention of impossible objects or prototypes, sometimes also performer.

oliver maus completed his bachelor's degree in theater, film and media studies at the university of vienna and followed it up with a trinational, bilingual master's degree in media culture analysis - theater and media cultures in transnational space in düsseldorf, vienna and nantes. he has worked editorially for various magazines, including the academic publication syn, the cultural magazine the gap and for the news portal queer.de. in addition to his work as a freelance journalist, he has been working in communications and public relations for theatercombinat since 2019.


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