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16th – 23rd june 2018 – world premiere. a 168-hours-performance & live installation in public space in vienna (a) | 168 stunden (a tribute to everyday life and franz erhard walther) claudia bosse / theatercombinat. tanzquartier wien.

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in a 168-hours-performance in public space in vienna the artists claudia bosse and the architect bettina vismann live for one week on an installative setting between traces of a demolished house on a waste land. the artists do not leave the space for the duration of 168 hours. they live publicly and without walls on the layout of 2 opened studio apartments with each one table, one chair and one bed. they expose every action of their daily lives – eating, sleeping, washing, cooking, reading etc – while simultaneously generating text as anthropologists of daily life from the observed surrounding.

following a joint timetable they develop a daily writing practice and meet each afternoon in poetic encounters at 5pm. with daily changing textile objects inspired by the sculptor franz erhard walther they cross the setting, measuring the waste land and the relation of their bodies in space, time and to each other.

the daily life of the surrounding interleaves with the daily life of the performers. they integrate the movements of the surrounding into their writings and publish their daily journals every evening after sunset, projected onto the walls of the surrounding houses. an essay of the urban daily life.

168 stunden examines the rituals and rhythms of every day life, their subversion via poetic techniques as well as the potential of actions and its repetitious routines. the waste land becomes a place to stay, a place of presence and a poetic reflection on the possibilities of our actions.

from 16th june, 5.30pm – 23rd june, 5.29pm you are invited to watch the performance whenever you want during 168 hours or in individually chosen extract.

in the following time frames the artists will synchronize their daily routines and artistic practice:
11am – 2pm writing
5pm poetic encounter: activation of a textile object
6 – 9pm writing
app. 9pm projection of the daily journals

become part of the live-performance: every evening between 10pm and 11pm you have the opportunity to visit one of the two performers in their respective residential setting and to get to talk to them in a one-on-one situation. free admission.

photo: eva würdinger

click here to see photostream. photo: eva würdinger

concept/ space/ objects: claudia bosse; performance: claudia bosse, bettina vismann; communication: vicky klug; artistic assistance and coordination: dagmar tröstler; technical direction: marco tölzer; manufacturing clothing: veronika harb; manufacturing objects: nafisa abdelrahimsai, rohullah malekzada; head of production: roma janus.

a production by theatercombinat, co-produced by tanzquartier wien. supported by wien kultur and bezirksvorstehung in mariahilf. special thanks to bip immobilien, to carla mittersteig and to frau mayer.

168 stunden
(a tribute to everyday life and franz erhard walther)

premiere: 16th june, 5.30 pm until 23rd june 2018, 5.29pm
non-stop public
daily 5pm: 7 applications of a daily changing object
daily after sunset, app. 9pm: projection of the daily journals

wasteland at mollardgasse 14
1060 vienna (a)

after the performance on the 23rd june 2018 there is an artist talk with claudia bosse and bettina vismann in conversation with tim voss (artistic director/ künstlerhaus vienna)

director of photography/ editing: viktoria bayer

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