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1st february 2018 VzV,vK!/ REENACTING THE ARCHIVE – part 2 a noise happening, a ritual by claudia bosse and günther auer/ theatercombinat. FFT düsseldorf (d).

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REENACTING THE ARCHIVE is a project realized in several parts, in which claudia bosse examines different views of the world and the composition of representational displays – in the framework of a 3-year residency at FFT düsseldorf. based on referencing different periods (1902, 1926, 1937) it compares historical exhibition concepts, their objects and modes of display and architecture. exhibitions are hereby understood as compositions of cultural projections, national education and propaganda. experimental works based on the research documents and displays will lead to visibility in the urban space. the chosen areas in düsseldorf are hybrid or cultural assemblages and areas of historical representation. activating cultural identities inscribed in the traces of the city.

VzV,vK! is the second presentation of REENACTING THE ARCHIVE. it tracks the identity and subjectivity of kunstpalast düsseldorf (the "palace of art", a building constructed by artists in collaboration with industrials to show their artworks) in the framework of the exhibition "die grosse". VzV,vK! is a noise happening, a concert, a performance, a ritual for the kunstpalast by and with claudia bosse and günther auer. in 1902 the “deutsch-nationale kunstausstellung“ (the german-national art exhibition) was shown at kunstpalast, 1925/26 the exhibition "gesolei" (gesundheitspflege, soziale fürsorge und leibesübungen/ health care, social care and physical education). gesolei presented first concepts of self optimization, hygiene and working conditions.

REENACTING THE ARCHIVE – part 1 went on the trail of historical forms of representation of the 'foreign' in germany on the basis of the düsseldorf industrie- und gewerbeaustellung 1902. in a performative procession, 3 pictorial objects, which were created from photographic originals of the 'arab village' from the düsseldorf city archive, were left behind at three locations in düsseldorf, accompanied by a lecture, which combined documents and fiction.

the project REENACTING THE ARCHIVE is a remittance work produced for FFT that will be continually developed till 2019.

photo: claudia bosse

photo: reinhold goerling, click to view photo series

VzV, vK!

concept/ music/ performance: claudia bosse, günther auer

a production by FFT düsseldorf in cooperation with the city archive düsseldorf and with theatercombinat, supported by wien kultur. a project within the framework of the alliance of international production houses by the federal government commissioner for culture and the media. part 2 is presented in the framework of "die grosse 2018"

by claudia bosse and günther auer
1st february 2018

a noise happening and a ritual
in the framework of the exhibition "die grosse 2018"
stiftung museum kunstpalast
kulturzentrum ehrenhof
ehrenhof 4–5
40479 düsseldorf


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