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1 december and 2 december 2012 - struggling bodies in capitalist societies (democracies)
an experimental symposium about the body as the place of the political, zollamtskantine vienna (a)
in english.

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designed desires

eine rückschau auf ein experimentelles symposium von jasmin stommel



struggling bodies in capitalist societies is an experimental symposium about discipline, asceticism, body images and political constructions of the "self". struggling bodies in capitalist societies debates the body as the place of the political with experimental set-ups in different spaces and spacial settings, as lecture, dialogue and roundtable. 2 days of discussion about body concepts - from the disciplined body to the body as battle ground of economic and social duties, from the bioethics to the machineries of desire in connection to religious and political orders. struggling bodies in capitalist societies is a symposium with international guests in english. a space and constellation for fragile thoughts and perhaps new methodologies.

the body is our orientation,
the place of us and our experiences and emotions
the starting point of our actions, which cause other actions,
which can be actions of consequent changes.

claudia bosse

photo: claudia bosse




elke van campenhout
(BE, curator and director APASS, brussels),
marina gržinič
(SLO, video artist, philosopher, prof. academy of fine arts vienna),
hrvoje jurić
(HR, activist, philosopher, ass.prof. university of zagreb)
sandra noeth [lecture cancelled due to illness]
(DE, dramaturge tanzquartier vienna),
alice pechriggl
(AT, psychoanalyst, philosopher, univ.-prof. university of klagenfurt),
gerald siegmund
(DE, prof. applied theatre studies giessen),
kathrin tiedemann
(DE, artistic director of FFT dusseldorf)
and concert performance: guenther auer

struggling bodies in capitalist societies is curated by claudia bosse, in collaboration with anna etteldorf and marijeta karlović. technical support marco toelzer, sound guenther auer.
supported by wien kultur, special thanks to ströck and hotel am brillantengrund



1st december 2012, 1 - 6 pm
2nd december 2012, 12 - 4:30 pm

all events at zollamtskantine,
schnirchgasse 9, 1030 vienna

+43/650 926 32 26

1st december 2012, 1 - 6 pm

1 pm:

opening claudia bosse


selfsubversion: concepts and try outs of (self)disciplined bodies
asceticism and discipline as techniques of re-constructing the body, different (self)experiences as well as thoughts and strategies of body practices to generate different theories, knowledge and different modes of political and aesthetic production

1:15 pm:

lecture gerald siegmund (D): the body and its other: choreographies of confrontation
gerald siegmund is professor of applied theatre studies at justus-liebig-universität giessen. he did his conferral of a doctorate on the subject "theatre as memory", worked at the institute of theatre studies in bern, switzerland and published several books. his main fields of research include theatre theory, aesthetics, developments in contemporary dance and postdramatic theatre in the transition to performance and fine arts.

1:45 pm:

lecture elke van campenhout (BE)
artistic researcher, lives and works in brussels (belgium). formerly active as a critic, dramaturge and writer, she founded the post-master research program APASS in 2007. her own research projects are related to global art and food economies, critical democracies, tender institutes, and the development of physical research tools like hunger and anorexic practices, poverty strategies and others.

2:15 pm:

dialogue gerald siegmund & elke van campenhout

3:30 pm:

boxen concert performance of guenther auer


the body and its constructions between sexual and religious

the construction of the self in action between sexual and religious techniques, logos, sexuality and governing techniques. where do the normatives come from? how are they implanted in our imagination? how is the body at stake apart from representation and these regimes?

4 pm:

lecture sandra noeth (DE) [lecture cancelled due to illness]
sandra noeth is dramaturge at tanzquartier vienna since season 2009/10. 2006 – 2009 she was a research assistant at the faculty of movement studies / centre of performance studies at the university of hamburg.
teaching activity and publications about ethics and politics of the body, as well as dramaturgical operation methods in the contexts of contemporary dance and performance.

4:30 pm:

lecture marina gržinič (SLO): struggling with the performative body in the garbage dump of history
marina gržinič is philosopher, theoretician and artist that works in ljubljana, slovenia and vienna, austria. she is a professor at the academy of fine arts in vienna. she published in the last 15 years ten theoretical books (in slovenian, french, english, etc.) and has been involved with video art since 1982. in collaboration with aina šmid, she realized more than 40 video art projects.

5 pm: dialogue sandra noeth & marina gržinič

8 pm:

performance designed desires

2nd december 2012, 12 - 4:30 pm

12 pm:

review of the first day and outlook



the body as the place of the political
psychoanalysis and politics of the "self", construction of the social and individual body, the dependence of the physical self-perception towards the surrounding political orders

12:15 pm:

lecture alice pechriggl (AT): concerning the constitution of the inevitable democratic body
alice pechriggl is philosopher and group psychoanalyst, studied philosophy, political science and ancient history in vienna, florence and paris; psychotherapist education in vienna. she has been teaching at the university of vienna, université paris i sorbonne paris and université viii st. denis since 2003 she is a professor of philosophy at the university of klagenfurt. several publications on the body imaginary and the political imaginary.

12.45 pm:

lecture hrvoje jurić (HR): scientific de(con)struction and artistic (re)construction of the body
hrvoje jurić works as assistant professor at the faculty of humanitiesand social sciences, university of zagreb (croatia). author of numerous papers on ethics, bioethics, gender and socio-political issues, technology, ecology and the media. deputy editor of several journals, administrative secretary of the croatian philosophical society and member of many other scientific, cultural and social projects and initiatives.

1:30 pm: dialogue alice pechriggl & hrvoje jurić


FINAL PANEL struggling bodies in capitalist societies

2:30 pm:

with all participants, moderation kathrin tiedemann (DE)
kathrin tiedemann is theatre scholar, dramaturge, since 2004 artistic director of forum freies theater (FFT), dusseldorf. she was dramaturge at kampnagel in hamburg, co-founder and curator of the festival "reich und berühmt" in berlin and worked as an editor and author for the weekly newspaper "freitag" and "theater der zeit".

8 pm:

performance designed desires



photos: marijeta karlovic-graf




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