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may 2002 madcc psukb geht mit floridsdorfern für 50€ essen in context of «wien umgehen», a topographical project, tanzquartier wien (a)

madcc psukb diaries   the tanzquartier vienna invited 23 national und international artists to live for 10 days in one of the viennese districts and to work to the topics city and district. after tis time there should be a presentation/description of the district. the salary per day was 50 euros. to work either as an individual artist single «topographically» intervening or for the offered salary for a well financed insitution seemed to be absurd. interesting approach, but only well meant.

we decided to invent an artist for that project, consisting of the actual theatercombinat: madcc psukb.
so we invented a complete biography und decided not to take the money, but to consume the salary, bespoken 50 euros, with the locals of the district. the districts were distributed via lots. madcc psukb from the theatercombinat vienna should «go» through the 21. viennese district floridsdorf.

so, everyone of us was to sleep twice in floridsdorf, and consume the 50 euros per diem with floridsdorfers: 5 euro for breakfeast, 45 for dinner. entering and leaving the 21. district, waking up and going to bed and the consuming-acts were photographed, the search for co-consumers documented in the madcc psukb diaries.


claudia bosse, markus keim, andreas pronegg, christine standfest, doris uhlich

mai 2002

in context of «wien umgehen», a topographical project, tanzquartier wien


madcc psukb diaries (small excerpt)

the excerpts were read at the presentation of «wien umgehen» on the 05/24/02 of xavier le roy, mirijam gourfing and madcc psukb in tanzquartier vienna. they were read by an assistant because madcc could not be there, she still was in floridsdorf. while 80 pictures of madcc and floridsdorfers were shown, there was a telefon-conference life from floridsdorf with madcc psukb.

crossing the zone at 9.30 p.m. sunset. franz-jonas-platz. youth. astonishment and aggression when they notice me. one is asking for a light and laughs his head of. walking around. admiral, pizza hut, mc donalds, two wurstelboxes. to the spitz. along schlosshoferstrasse. a woman is frightened, darkness. search for people to be invited. two men, wearing turbans, “may i invite you for dinner”. they understand german. no, no, or yes, if yes, what will happen afterwards. do you join us? fuck?” - “no, thank you very much”. further attempts along schlosshoferstrasse. similar progress. a woman is smiling - no, it would be to weird. effort to invite floridsdorfer. hossplatz. on the square children and women. a bar. i see a woman in a silver, tight latex dress behind the bar. they are surprised. a birthday company. the manager and the manageress celebrate. may i invite them. the company giggles. yes, of course.
he hides at the toilet. who i am. “madcc psukb.” “pardon?” 18 double schnaps. karli. günther, insurance agent, moustache. herbert, came by bike, that’s why he wears trainers. i have to dance with him four times. tomorrow he’s going to his mother. a solo-entertainer not running the show tonight. he is singing and playing the guitar. „viennese songs and rocky stuff.” bearded. „yes, it’s great to invite floridsdorfer. what’s the idea behind it?“ „the one in alu is the manageress. haha, but don’t tell her. she became 29 one week ago. the manager becomes 37 at midnight.“ i should stay till we touch glasses. the offspring is hers, but not his. they’ve been together for two years. the son is seven, eight. michael is waiter at figlmüller in bäckerstrasse. all his life living in floridsdorf. the middlefinger is bandaged. working-accident. „if i’m not on duty, i’ll come to the salon on saturday. tanzquartier? what’s that? – if it’s not to formal, i’d like to come, but the service schedule.” michael, investment counselor. lived in the 18. district before, until two years ago. on the schafberg, in a 40 square meter flat, there he lived together with his first wife. divorce. „how old are you” – then he became acquainted with a yugoslawian, she had a son whom she wanted to pick up, three people in the flat. didn’t work.
he has married her because she hasn´t got the right of residence. and rent the 80m2 in the 21th district. because of the wife. so he came to the 21th district. two years ago. now she is in czechia with her brother and her son and he´s in the 21th district in the 3-room flat. he asks if he could have my number. after 5 dances and 5 glasses of coke, on which i was invited, i say good-bye. it´s before midnight. i shall come again on sunday, or tomorrow to the restaurant waldner, leopoldaustraße, because there´s again a birthday party, and there should be really crazy people. i go to my flat. on the terrace, view at the trainstation, on the tracks and the despaired busdriver, who isn´t able to get his bus running, he shouts at it, walks around it, kicks it, smashes the wheel and leaves the bus completely despaired.
sleep - view into the moon.

slept well. i leave the flat to find a person which joins me for breakfast.


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