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october 2021-october 2025 public performance school


theatercombinat opens the public performance school from october 2021-october 2025 for amateurs and professionals aged 15 to 90 years and teaches basic methods of artistic work with a practice-based curriculum by claudia bosse.

public performance school is an environment for learning performative practice, where experimentation with different forms of knowledge and physical practice are the main focus.
public performance school opens up space for understanding and communicating different perspectives on the present, on bodily experiences of different generations. using performance techniques, trainings or scores, participants explore spaces, sounds, texts, and their bodies - as a choral organism in landscapes or in different places.
public performance school opens up an intergenerational space for interested amateurs as well as artists, activists and creates the possibility to work together in an ensemble with people of different experiences. participants aged between 15 and 90 years learn performative techniques together, challenge and encourage each other through mutual empowerment.
public performance school tests concrete utopias in shared spaces, communal structures, the perception of one's own body, choreographic modules, the targeted work with breath and voice in settings between choreography, performance, theater and urban intervention.
public performance school enables a continuous, binding coming together of a community over the duration of 4 years (on 6 weekends each), as well as in-depth rehearsals in times of elaboration of emerging performances.
public performance school promotes conscious awareness of our environment and society with its diverse participants, as well as non-human beings.

public performance school is initiated and directed by the artist/ choreographer claudia bosse and is extended by participating international artists and experts of the emerging works within the 4 year project ORGAN/ismus-poetics of relations.

24 modules in a period of 4 years, with performative experiments and choral constellations under the artistic direction of claudia bosse. movement, sound, text and experiences in structures of learning together. an engagement in the risk of the relation in and with different indoor and outdoor spaces, as well as diverse landscapes. beyond the work with the individual body, the continuity of the public performance school creates a basis for dealing with a collective body of a choral organism. the experiences and knowledge of the individuals in combination with artistic techniques open up a new social space of possibilities. the intergenerational ensemble becomes part of the general intellect of theatercombinat and at the same time an experimental space of different bodies and experiences.

foto: markus gradwohl

concept/ artistic direction: claudia bosse; participants of the public performance school: theo bousek, beate maria friedl, maria harrison, marco honeder, nathalie jacob, ines kaiser, maria ketscher, veronika kritzer, bozena kunstek, teresa kurzbauer, therese leick, katarina markova, andrea novacescu, hannah resatz, gerlinde riegler, mariella schwarten, constance steiniger, leticia traxler, ilse urbanek, marlene wagner, joanna zabielska, christa zuna-kratky; produktion: dagmar tröstler.

modules of the public performance school:
1. modul
breath and voice
2. modul body and space
3. modul body and body
4. modul body and language
5. modul body and/as organism

the public performance school works continuously and continues the work with amateurs who have been involved in theatercombinat projects for years. as part of the multi-year project ORGAN/ismus-poetics of relations, the applied performative practice and continuous work culminates in annual productions dedicated to the motifs 2022: lung, 2023: liver, 2024: heart, and 2025: proliferation. the respective "motif organ" is considered in its particular mode of function in relation to the human organism as well as in relation to non-human organisms. the respective properties and functions provide material for how performative structures can function with each other, which dependencies they enter into, which connections they can have to other organs or parts of an organism.

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