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claudia bosse / theatercombinat

24. - 28.06.2002 SCHLAFgegen düsseldorf, 5 days long city/sleepinstallation in context of city-mapping /FFT (forum freies theater, düsseldorf), theater der welt 2002 (d)

project's genesis

  SLEEP against the rage of production! join the sleepers! SLEEP for producing standstill! SLEEP as the art of community. SLEEP as social sculpture. 600 metres SLEEP along the riverside on 99 red beds. 116 hours of SLEEP for one work week. hotellobby and discussion-forum «midnight hours» under the bridge (rheinkniebrücke).

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artistic director: claudia bosse, concept: claudia bosse, gini müller, collaboration: markus keim, gini müller, anne schülke, christine standfest u.v.a.

24. - 28.06.2002, 5 days and nights, 116 hours

in context of city-mapping/FFT (forum freies theater, düsseldorf), theater der welt 2002

5x midnighthours
discussions with «experts» and «sleepers»
  06/24-25 sleep as symbolic activity: theory-performance, opening of the midnighthours. theatercombinat wien, frank raddatz (schauspielhaus düsseldorf) et al.

06/25-26 sleep as sleeping: what is sleep? how do we sleep?

discussion and reflections about the act and the phenomena «sleep»: troubles, phases, behaviour, images, states with:miriam schaub (artlectures fu berlin, the loss of bodily control in sleep), matthias gondorf (sleep-advisor and seller of beds), prof. dr. jean haan (neurologist, prof. medical centre for sleep, mönchengladbach).

06/26-27 sleep as social sculpture: what is a social sculpture? can a temporary social sculpture intervene and irritate social zones and conventions of a city?

discussion and reflection about sociological and artistic aspects of social sculptures in public space with:dirk baecker (soz.prof., witten-herdecke), ulrike hass, (theatre-science bochum), students of the rinke-class (academy for fine arts, düsseldorf), norbert bolz (prof. communication-theory, essen).

06/27-28 sleep as collective architecture: are there collective architectures? how does the «script in stone» – the image of the city - emerge? are there collective processes/movements to change the urban image/the urban space?

discussion and reflection about urban structures, architecture and social-political consequences with:barbara gronau (fu berlin), antonia frey (initiative for homeless and social-political speaker of the greens), reinhold knopp (city and poverty), g.c. wagner (bda, düsseldorf), erasmus eller (architect, düsseldorf).

06/28-29 sleep as the archaeology of in-between: changes of identity in the city and working society, past, now and future.

discussion and reflection with:franz liebl (prof. witten-herdecke, economy, about consumerism and depression), brother matthäus, nihat öztürk (ig-metall), luisa goergen (streetworker)    


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