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claudia bosse / theatercombinat

june 2001 SIEBEN - a 7 days and nights long reading by the population of mühlviertel from the old testament in seven villages, festival der regionen (a)


in «7» we want to open our theatrical work; to continue with our occupation with «mythological» texts, with time, with «spectators», duration, speach and spatial situations. we will try to establish a creative organism between readers and places, as well as controversial places.

we are interested in producing theatrical situations where capacities, passions, power relations and oppositions become transparent, attackable. is it possible to re-construct a
«concept of the social» by offering a «communitarian» situation like the readings in mühlviertel? the situation operates with the collision of a complex and maybe dangerous text, seemingly well-known, a dogma, sacred for many, thought of as «unreadable». none of the readers is prepared, none can know beforehand what part he will read. by chronological reading, chance will decide the meeting of text and biography of the readers. it is not a spectacle. the situation depends on the ones who read – and the ones who don’t.


claudia bosse, markus keim, andreas pronegg, christine standfest, josef szeiler, guest: samuel zach and many others

places: schwarzenberg (in front of the church), aigen (at the rectory), haslach (in front of the villa moser), vorderweißenbach/königseder (beside the busstop), reichenthal (at the marketplace), freistadt (in front of the böhmertor), st. michael ob rauchenödt (at the church)

23. of june, 12.00 h beginning of the readings in schwarzenberg till the ending at 30. of june, 12.00 h in st. michael, parallel 164 hours reading in 7 - bus

coproduction theatercombinat and festival der regionen


1. schwarzenberg, in front of the church
    22min./17 km
2. aigen, marketplace
3. haslach, in front of villa moser
4. königseder,
in front of old drapery
     25min./ 20km
5. reichenthal,
in front of the church, marketplace
     23min./ 17,5km
6. freistadt, in front of böhmertor
     11min./ 8km
7. st. michael,
in the field above the watershed

the given times correspond with the correct velocities:
one way course: 128 min./ 92 km
aller/retour: 256 min./ 184km
these times are pure driving-times, without the stops.

with stops á 7 minutes at reading-spot: one way 128 min.+ 6 times 7 min. = 170 min

with stops á 7 minutes at reading-spot: aller/retour 256 min.+ 12 times 7min. =
340 min/= 5,67h.

one day has 1440 minutes, thus we could make the tour 4, 24 times.

ROUTE: schwarzenberg/zwiesal/klaffer/schindlau/aigen/baureith/unterneudorf/minihof /schwackereith/haslach/direction/guglwald/st.stefan/oberafiesl/afiesl/unterafiesl/ guglwald/königseder/vorderweissenbach/bad leon felden/reichenthal/lahrndorf/ waldburg/marreith/trölsburg (cheap diesel! 5-24-h)/ in freistadt: mac donald, via market through böhmertor/freistadt/sandl/zwettl/gmünd/st. michael

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