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12.02.2011 - watermill center new york vampires of the 21st century or what is to be done then? claudia bosse / theatercombinat


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vampires of the 21st century or what is to be done then?

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the vampires in america:

as a part of a residency at watermill center from january 25 until february 12, claudia Bosse and theatercombinat will present a further step of their new series of theatre works in collaboration with sound artist günther auer - political hybrids and landscapes of sounds, dealing with identity, violence, alternative political visions, and the economy.

after the stagings in german with different spatial concepts in dusseldorf and vienna,
the time in watermill will be spent creating an english/french/german version:

an essay to confront European political visions and failures from the 1970ies up to today with the contemporary US political reality. like naïve aliens, they invade and try to grasp the ideas of US american democracy and governmental techniques, dive into the very different aesthetic surfaces of their culture and politics to create a sparkling imaginary dialogue with the audience within an acoustic installation space.

tumbling strangers, they will develop multi-narrative performances to fundamentally question the ideology of the respective esthetics and politics. the artistic methods of the new format of choreographic performance are inspired by jean luc godard and rainer werner fassbinder, to question and continuously re-define the very concept of theatre and the practices of the political esthetics of the performing arts.

during the residency, the artists on site will initiate dialogues with the surrounding non-artistic community about questions of identity, political positions around democracy, capitalism, stately terrorism, violence and social practices. this will add new perspectives to the already existing audio archive with more than a thousand documents, to be integrated in the ongoing project.

photo: claudia bosse, click to view series performance watermill center  

concept/direction/space: claudia bosse, sound: guenther auer, by/with: caroline decker (d/at), frédéric leidgens (b/fr), yoshie maruoka (jp/at), nora steinig (ch), consulting/ communication: christine Standfest, production management: annelie fritze, assistant director: thomas koeck, american english coach/performative translator: tom blake (us)

a production by theatercombinat in coproduction with FFT dusseldorf.

supported by wien kultur, residency supported by the austrian ministry for education and culture.




february 12, 2011 watermill center, 6:00 pm

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