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9./10./16. september symposion lindabrunn (a) BONES and STONES in the landscape claudia bosse / theatercombinat. cooperation with symposion lindabrunn. in coproduction with tanzquartier wien and FFT düsseldorf.

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- markus achleitner, mein bezirk
- sean pfeiffer
- stefanie diekmann
- das tragbare und das ertragbare, interview im skug mit claudia bosse
- gespräch mit claudia bosse, günther auer, markus gradwohl, von herbert gnauer radio dispositiv / radio orange

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- ORGAN/ismus - poetics of relations

BONES and STONES in the landscape
by claudia bosse

in BONES and STONES in the landscape claudia bosse, together with six performers of different ages, digs into time, into the formation of our planet and penetrates its layers and sediments. in search of the memory of the stones, the performers move through the landscape of the symposion lindabrunn in lower austria, creating poetic interweavings with matter, dust, sound and debris.

BONES and STONES is a game with associations,
a multidimensional utopia
rando heinemann, tanz.at

the work establishes another chapter of theatre in the landscape. based on BONES and STONES at the tanzquartier vienna, the nestroy prize winner's latest work unfolds as a choreographic environment under the open sky. accompanied by the live sounds of günther auer, hybrid bodies move along a walk-through course that blurs the boundaries between human and non-human life. naked stones meet bare skin, animated matter encounters its cosmic origins. for everything solid is dynamic, always in motion and has always been in an intimate exchange with the organic and inorganic material surrounding us. even our bones - infused with cosmological components older than our universe - renew and change throughout our lives.

BONES and STONES in the landscape - a choreographic environment by claudia bosse. photo: markus gradwohl. for slideshow please click!

concept/ choreography/ space: claudia bosse; live sound: günther auer; performance/ choreography: anna biczok, myrthe bokelmann, anita kaya, christa zuna kratky, marcela dan pedro, carla rihl; assistance: larry mey; advisory: mathias harzhauser, gerlinde gruber, barbara imhof; communication: laura stöckler; production: dagmar tröstler.

a production of theatercombinat in coproduction with tanzquartier wien and FFT düsseldorf. in cooperation with symposion lindabrunn and naturhistorisches museum wien (nhm). sponsored by wien kultur, bundesministerium für kunst und kultur and additionally sponsored by land niederösterreich. research residency in partnership with studio plesungan, surakarta, indonesia. we thank the nhm naturhistorisches museum wien for the objects on loan. further thanks to liquifer systems group, peter stamer, krassimira kruschkova and marco tölzer.

BONES and STONES in the landscape
by claudia bosse

premiere: 9. september 2023, 19:00
show: 10. september 2023, 18:00
further version: 16. september 2023, 17:00

symposion lindabrunn
steinbruchstraße 25,
2551 enzesfeld-lindabrunn, lower austria

shuttle to location 1h before the shows
mommsengasse 23, 1040 vienna

reservations for shuttle and tickets at ticket@theatercombinat.com

BONES and STONES teaser

BONES and STONES halle G, tqw, vienna 2023


the cycle
ORGAN/ismus - poetics of relations combines modules, motives and methods for the realization of different artistic formats and at the same time wants to build or expand structures. because we can only realize those works for which we are able to find or invent structures.

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