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claudia bosse / theatercombinat

23./ 24./ 25. february 2023 tqw halle G BONES and STONES claudia bosse / theatercombinat.

the cycle
ORGAN/ismus - poetics of relations

von claudia bosse

the performance BONES and STONES by claudia bosse penetrates the time of our planet through its layers and sediments with bodies of different ages in search of the memory of stones and bones. hybrid bodies of flesh, bones and stones disintegrate into choreographies of (tangible) organic and inorganic matter. poetic assemblages, processes of transformation and encounters with different entities emerge in a walk-in space. utopias meet landscapes and myths meet eco-somatic practices.


photo: günther auer

concept/ choreography/ space/ text: claudia bosse; sound: günther auer; performance/ choreography: marcela san pedro, carla rihl, anna biczok, myrthe bokelmann, christa zuna kratky, anita kaya; video: markus gradwohl; photo: eva würdinger; assistance: larry mey; outside eye/ feedback: astrid kaminski; consulting: mathias harzhauser, gerlinde gruber, barbara imhof; communication: michael walk; production: dagmar tröstler.

a production of theatercombinat in coproduction with tanzquartier wien, studio plesungan. sponsored by wien kultur, bundesministerium für kunst und kultur.
research residency in partnership with studio plesungan, indonesia.


by claudia bosse

premiere: 23. february 2023
shows: 24./ 25. february 2023

halle G tqw
museumsplatz 1, vienna

workshop/lecture: 20. november 2022
bones, stones, trees and other beings

studio plesungan
solo, jakarta, indonesia

photo: günther auer


the cycle
ORGAN/ismus - poetics of relations combines modules, motives and methods for the realization of different artistic formats and at the same time wants to build or expand structures. because we can only realize those works for which we are able to find or invent structures.

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