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04th december 2022 taman ismail marzuki art center, jakarta indonesia as part of festival teater jakarta/lebaran teater | 29th november 2022 studio plesungan, solo indonesia | 11th july 2022 odeon, vienna in the framework of impulstanz - vienna international dance festival | 2nd july 2022 theater im pumpenhaus, münster (d) | 28th november 2020 film streaming presented by goethe-institut chicago | 28th/30th/31st october 2020 FFT juta, FFT düsseldorf (d) | 9th/10th/11th october 2020 – a solo performance by claudia bosse. halle G, tanzquartier wien (a). ORACLE and SACRIFICE 1 or the evacuation of the present claudia bosse / theatercombinat.

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press reviews (de):
- TQW-magazin, thomas köck
- der standard
- skug
- les nouveaux riches
- grundrauschen
- münstersche zeitung / westphälische nachrichten
- rheinische post
- tanz.at

reflections (de/en):
- sabina holzer (performer, author and movement educator)
- constantin leonhard (actor, director and performer)
- riyadhus shalihin (künstler, researcher, theater-author) (en)
- oliver maus (journalist)

interviews (de/en):
- die traumwandlerin. claudia bosse im gespräch mit ada karlbauer für c/o vienna
- the foam, the hair, the organs. claudia bosse interviewed by frida robles
- radio-interview with claudia bosse on "grundrauschen"
- radio-interview with claudia bosse, julia zastava and fanti baum, radio ORANGE 94.0

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projects of the series
oracle and sacrifice:
- ORACLE and SACRIFICE in the woods
- circular ecologies

or the evacuation of the present
a solo performance by claudia bosse
and accomplices and organs

time which penetrates into images
time as decay of the surface
time that bends
penetratable decomposes
sewing embroidery stitching
the foresight the premonition
sculpture and assemblage

as claudia bosse's first solo, ORACLE and SACRIFICE 1 is a thinking with one's own body. an evacuation of the present with poetic actions that explore the future and the past to oracles and sacrifices that touch the inside and outside of the body and the inside and outside of our world.

is it possible to read the ecology of the environment, the surrounding exterior, world-political decisions and cosmic conditions from the organs? or do we find future forms of community in the physical interior? what if we carry our future in our organs?

this work is inspired by the blood sacrifices and visions of the babylonians and etruscans where the political future was read from the organs of killed animals. the liver oracle was especially practiced by the etruscans; organs of animals killed in a sacrificial ritual were interpreted. experts, so-called haruspices (lat. haruspicius (lat. haru: viscera), read world events from the liver of a sheep by means of a cosmic transmission and thus gave recommendations for political decisions. in liver oracles, macrocosmic concerns were derived from the microorganism of a liver. organs became the medium of poetic oracles and communication with the future. perhaps sacrifices are rituals of collective agreement that deal with the trauma that demands the protection of the endangered community.

the handling of organs, their material, structure, function, pattern, their pathologization in our rationalized society is essential for this work. aesthetic transfers will arise - between organ structures, their textures and the world, the cosmos - objects and visualizations of the connection of the present with a future. the organs and their abstractions, their object-like growths as well as the cartographies of their transfer to structures of the present are negotiated in this work as tangible material. with organs, connections are created from the inside of the body to the outside of the world. a fragmentary association to oracle and sacrifice as an object-like and performative narrative with body/s and visual material. movements, transformations, sounds, language, sounds.

ORACLE and SACRIFICE 1 opens a space in which the future and the identities of contemporary subjectivation are challenged. a choreography, a ritual as a growth of forms of implementation, as a speculation on an uncertain future. it is about nothing less than our bodies, our organs, their relationship to the world, dead flesh, the constitution of community.

in the summer of 2021 ORACLE and SACRIFICE moves to the forests of vienna as a continuing work with choir.

accomplices of this work are julia zastava, günther auer, claudia bosse, jonas tonnhofer, kris yosep kusnadi and melati suryadarmo.


ORACLE and SACRIFICE 1, tanzquartier wien, 2020.
photo: eva würdinger, click to view photo series

ORACLE and SACRIFICE 1, taman ismail marzuki art center jakarta, indonesia, 2022. photo: dyan shinta indriani, yose riandi, click to view photo gallery!

concept, space, performance: claudia bosse
accomplices: julia zastava (artistic collaboration), günther auer (sound + artistic advice), claudia bosse (on stage), jonas tonnhofer (on stage)
outside eye: fanti baum, philipp gehmacher
technical director + special effects: marco tölzer
light: phoenix / andreas hofer
assistance of communication: oliver maus
press ambassador: michael franz woels
head of production + preparations: dagmar tröstler

a production by theatercombinat in coproduction with the tanzquartier wien and FFT düsseldorf, supported by wien kultur, the austrian ministry for art and culture and by kunststiftung NRW as part of the co-production cycle "who is speaking?".

a thank you to thomas feuerstein, laura gianvittorio, ulrike haß, anne juren, ismael karadza, mun wai lee, elisabeth von samsonow, chris standtfest, robert steijn, lucie strecker, felicitas thun-hohenstein, dea widya and eduard winter.

or the evacuation of the present

a solo performance by claudia bosse
and accomplices and organs

04th december 2022
in an outdoor adaptation for taman ismail marzuki art center as part of festival teater jakarta/lebaran teater
with günther auer (live sound + artistic advice), kris yosep kusnadi (on stage)
taman ismail marzuki art center, jakarta, indonesia

29th november 2022
in an outdoor adaptation for studio plesungan
with günther auer (live sound + artistic advice), melati suryadarmo (on stage)
studio plesungan
solo, indonesia

11th july 2022, 10 pm
in the framework of impulstanz - vienna international dance festival
odeon, taborstraße 10, vienna

2nd july 2022, 8 pm
theater im pumpenhaus
gartenstraße 123, münster (d)

28th november 2020, 10pm – 5am (MET)
film streaming
presented by the goethe-institut chicago

following the streaming, there will be an artist talk on the 29th november, 8pm (MET) with petra roggel (director of the goethe institute chicago), david j. levin (professor for theater and performance, university of chicago), tina post (assistant professor for theater & performance, university of chicago) and claudia bosse.

premiere: 9th october 2020
10th october 2020
11th october 2020

TQW, halle G
museumsplatz 1,
1070 vienna (at)

following the show on 10th october, there will be an artist talk with angela stief (curator of albertina modern) and claudia bosse.

28th/30th/31st october 2020
FFT düsseldorf, FFT juta
kasernenstraße 6,
40213 düsseldorf (d)

before the show on 30th october, theater scholar ulrike haß will give a lecture.
video documentation (de)

tanzuqartier wien, october 2020. 
video documentation supported by goethe-institut chicago

teaser: julia zastava

artist talk with claudia bosse and curator angela stief.
october 10th, 2020. tanzquartier wien.


previously in the artistic series ORACLE and SACRIFICE:
as a first from june 2nd to june 6th 2020, the lab oracle and sacrifice took place with artist julia zastava, the performer and dramaturge robert steijn, the indonesian architect and artist dea widya, the latinist laura gianvittorio and the visual artist and philisopher elisabeth von samsonow as well as an extended lab in berlin with the theatre scholar ulrike haß. in october 2020 claudia bosse presented ORACLE and SACRIFICE 1 or the evacuation of the present her first solo with accomplices and organs at tanzquartier wien, the german premiere was in mid october at the fft düsseldorf. in summer 2021 ORACLE and SACRIFICE in the woods as a work with a choir in the woods of vienna as well as a residency in the fall of 2021 at studio plesungan on java, indonesia.

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