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8th + 13th-15th + 21th-22nd may 2022 ORACLE and SACRIFICE in the woods a performance for the woods by claudia bosse. a production by theatercombinat in coproduction with brut-wien and in cooperation with kulturhaus brotfabrik.

projects of the series
oracle and sacrifice:
- ORACLE and SACRIFICE 1 or the evacuation of the present

ORACLE and SACRIFICE in the woods
von claudia bosse

ORACLE and SACRIFICE in the woods moves organs, bodies, guts, movements, the whole piece ORACLE and SACRIFICE 1 or the evacuation of the present into the woods of vienna and establishes theater as landscape. a space whose boundaries are the earth and the root soil, or the sky above the treetops. ... airy and at the same time impenetrable, sprawling landscapes under and above the earth. artemis, goddess of the forest, of animals, of children and women - fertility rituals were dedicated to her - meets the composting of matter/body, the metabolic processes of the forest, robotics between artificial intelligence and organic material.

ORACLE and SACRIFICE in the woods transports us, exposes us to the forest and provokes confrontation with the non-human in us and around us, puts us in a connectedness with all kinds of materialities. // timothy morton: there is no such "thing" as the environment, since being involved in it already, we are not separate from it. //

whether the trees will have revolted? the prophecy hangs in the air and the question to the slaughtered, sacrificed sheep is in the bones: how long can gaia carry us? one thing is certain: the organs will not have left us. or will they?

here in the forest they are now arranged in a resistant way. an exploration through undergrowth, an installation in the woods, singing and choral theater with the breathing of the forest.

in search of other ecologies and poetics, also in art....

the work is part of the series ORACLE and SACRIFICE, which deals with the meaning of sacrifices and the practice of oracle from antiquity until today: rituals, predictions as well as forms of community. oracles, the future techniques of the etruscans, indicated the coming in the course of lightning, in organs and in the flight of birds. in the liver of sacrificed animals, the wish of the gods was read and gave answers to questions of possible wars or political alliances.


collage: claudia bosse

concept/ objects/ artistic direction: claudia bosse. sound/ sonic realization: günther auer; choir composition: peter jakober; claudia bosse, rotraud kern, mun wai lee, ulduz ahmadzadeh; choir: laura brechmann, emma malena edwards, beate maria friedl, mahsa ghafari, daniela graf, lilian gremmer, ines kaiser, maria ketscher, bozena kunstek, maite lebacq, anne megier, hossein mohammadi, susanne muzler, hannah resatz, mariella schwarten, juri zanger, christine zuna-kratky; artistic collaboration/ costume: julia zastava; dramaturgical advice + outside eye: fanti baum, outside eye: felicitas thun-hohenstein; choir coordination/ research: gabriela urritia reyes; research: frida robles; assistence: maren streich; technical director: marco tölzer; assistence communication: oliver maus; production + research: dagmar tröstler.

a production by theatercombinat in coproduction with brut wien, in cooperation with kulturhaus brotfabrik, supported by wien kultur, the federal ministry of arts and culture and the district council leopoldstadt, vienna. in 2021 co-laboration with brunnenpassage wien.

a thank you to: manfred pintar, romana brandstätter, martin schebeck, douglas godbold, gertrud haidvogl, mr. speckner und mr. schmied.

ORACLE and SACRIFICE in the woods
performance by claudia bosse in the woods of vienna

world premiere: 8th may 2022
further shows:
13th-15th + 21th-22nd may 2022

tickets and more information: brut-wien

CIRCULAR ECOLOGIES - backgroundtalk on ORACLE and SACRIFICE in the woods. with douglas godbold and yohan rangan. moderation: claudia bosse.


previously in the artistic series ORACLE and SACRIFICE:
as a first from june 2nd to june 6th 2020, the lab oracle and sacrifice took place with artist julia zastava, the performer and dramaturge robert steijn, the indonesian architect and artist dea widya, the latinist laura gianvittorio and the visual artist and philisopher elisabeth von samsonow as well as an extended lab in berlin with the theatre scholar ulrike haß. in october 2020 claudia bosse presented ORACLE and SACRIFICE 1 or the evacuation of the present her first solo with accomplices and organs at tanzquartier wien, the german premiere was in mid october at the fft düsseldorf. in summer 2022 ORACLE and SACRIFICE in the woods as a work with a choir in the woods of vienna..

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