claudia bosse / theatercombinat

2022 december 8th presenting artistic practice of the TPA participants / december 9th presenting TPA digital environment and methods of exchange. as part of the translocal performative academie (TPA) for space-related artistic practices initiated by claudia bosse / theatercombinat.




artists and experts from south east asia and europe will meet in jakarta, indonesia for the 2nd analog meeting of the translocal performative academy (TPA). from december 5-10, 2022 there will be discussions, experimentation, negotiation and exploration.

with irwan ahmett (id), claudia bosse (d/a), mun wai lee (sg/d), juli reinartz (d), frida robles (a/m), alexander schellow (d/b), dea widya (id), yola yulfianti (id), josh marcy, (id) patrick hartono (id) and akbar yumni (id)

the TPA in cooperation with jakarta arts council cordially invites you to the two public events, where you can enter into dialogue with us: on december 8 at 3pm the participating artists will present their space-related artistic practice in the house of miss tjihtjih. on december 9 at 1pm at the taman ismail marzuki art center the methods of the TPA will be publicly reflected and discussed.

next to monthly digital meetings, to encounter in-person allows the artists and the experts to situate their artistic exchanges with one another within the particular social, political and economic contexts of the host cities. being able to investigate the relation between body, space and perception in this certain constellation, is an extraordinary circumstance which creates space for reflection, opens ways of understanding an inspiring environment for intuitive approaches, methodologies and for the exchange of structural and terminological learning.

TPA was founded by claudia bosse as a part of theatercombinat's long-term project ORGAN/ismus - poetics of relations to negotiate possible relations of interdisciplinary art making between digital and analog spaces. it is about transcultural organisations as artistically resilient and networked structures and about new artistic ecologies as life cells of our society. TPA aims to provide to artists a different view of their own work, in the sense of a ‘re-perspectivization’ that emerges in dialogue with colleagues working in different local contexts, with digital artistic methods, between global south and global north and local, translocal and hybrid artistic articulations.

photo: claudia bosse


december 8, 2022, from 5pm
presenting artistic practice of the TPA participants
Gedung Kesenian Miss Tjitjih

december 9, 2022, from 1pm
presenting TPA digital environment and methods of exchange
Taman Ismail Marzuki Art Center
Dewan Kesenian Jakarta, Gedung Teater Jakarta Lantai 3 Jalan Cikini Raya No 73 Jakarta Pusat 10330 theatrale produktion und rezeption