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LM residency


from april 2006 until august 2013 derraum! was the working basis of theatercombinat in vienna. since summer 2013 the headquarter is lesSOUTERRAINs! at mommsengasse in 1040 vienna. from this place theatercombinat is planning different projects in several architectures.

mommsengasse 23/1-2
1040 wien

office, archive and working space. in lesSOUTERRAINs! we also plan small event formats like laboratories, lectures, discussions, filmscreenings and showings.


with the LM residency which existed from autumn 2012 until summer 2013 theatercombinat supported young artists and companies. providing a free studio space for rehearsals and research projects to artist in last minute need for a space giving young artists the opportunity to develop parts of their work in derraum!.

on 29th november 2013 opened up lesSOUTERRAINs! with an open house and three unique performances of elizabeth ward, rosi rehformen and hannes wurm alias fishy and andreas hamza.


vitus dance
by elizabeth ward (US)

framed by arabesques, pirouettes, and jetés vitus dance investigates a purposeful destabilizing of the body through extended balances and the ability to shift into a lucid stability. infinitely adaptable vitus dance has been presented in an old convent in the north of france, a former factory in barcelona, various apartments in brussels, an old elk's lodge in brooklyn, a former spice factory in detroit, a church in manhattan and is now going to be shown for the first time in austria. using deep body memory from classical training vitus dance is a traveling meditation on the potential, if fleeting, moments of insight, resilience, and energy found in the dancing body.


by rosi rehformen (HU/AT)

dein ort mein ort. lation.
lokalisation mit klang cello und stimme. manipulisation.
sonic in your mine eye and eye spatialization with cello and other means.


far away, so close
by hannes wurm + andreas hamza (AT)

als kind, und ich fühle mich manchmal immer noch als kind, saß ich oft da und betrachtete am anderen ende meines körpers die füße. ich war dabei immer wieder von neuem fasziniert, dass diese zwei gliedmaßen, die so weit entfernt schienen, teil von mir sind. oft geht es mir heute noch so.

choreografie/performance: hannes wurm, musik/performance: andreas hamza, dramaturgie: christine standfest, text: sigmund freud das unheimliche. produktion: das schaufenster

on 15th october at 7.30pm bruno liberda plays with time, günther auer plays with space at einstimmen mehrstimmen – a concert.


einstimmen mehrstimmen – a concert
bruno liberda + günther auer (AT)

liberda wanders with the blippoobox through the landscape, which auer spans around and through the audience with his instruments. sound in time/ sound in space become the sound of two voices of a music experiment about movement and distance, volatilisation, pre- and resonance. action reaction feedback reaction audience. all.

because of drastic cut-backs of the fundings and the spatial reduction in the new space after moving to the 4th district we cannot provide renting studios for off-scene companies anymore.

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