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claudia bosse / theatercombinat

13th / 15th / 16th august 2015 - performance, ImPulsTanz - Vienna International Dance Festival (a).
a third step to IDEAL PARADISE claudia bosse / theatercombinat.


part of the cycle: (katastrophen 11/15) ideal paradise

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on three days the installation a second step to IDEAL PARADISE operates as a score for a choreographed performance: a third step to IDEAL PARADISE. the performers interfere with the world that claudia bosse creates in six rooms of the weltmuseum. they access the objects and materials arranged there and follow the narrative threads of the themes negotiated by bosse: colonialism, cultural projection, construction of ideology and ideal communities.
the performers interweave their actions with the spatial arrangements of the installation and confront their bodies with the corporeality of the objects and their provocative coming together from different times and regions of the world. their bodies become witnesses of a survey and an archeology of appropriation. they entangle the visitors in situations, lead and entrap them into a journey through different spaces.

photo: karolina miernik, click to view photo series

video: günther auer

with / by: véronique alain, michael o'connor, elisabeth tambwe, florian tröbinger, ilse urbanek, elizabeth ward; choreography / concept / installation: claudia bosse; sound / lighting / media support: günther auer; lighting / technical director: marco tölzer; clothes: diego rojas; critical witness: sigrid gareis, kathrin tiedemann; research: sandra hartinger; assistant: constantin schädle; production / communication: anna etteldorf, margot wehinger; artistic management silke bake

a production by theatercombinat. in coproduction with ImPulsTanz - Vienna International Dance Festival, in cooperation with weltmuseum vienna. supported by wien kultur.

a second step to IDEAL PARADISE the second working sketch for the new production IDEAL PARADISE after a first step to IDEAL PARADISE, presented at donaufestival. it is also part of the overall project (katastrophen 11/15) ideal paradise, project partners are tanzquartier vienna, FFT dusseldorf, donaufestival, supported by wien kultur, kunststiftung NRW and NPN nationales performance netz in the framework of the series "DECOLONIZE! performative strategies for a (post)colonial age" at FFT, ashkal alwan, CLUSTER, szenenwechsel (robert bosch foundation), workspacebrussels.

many thanks to the curators of the weltmuseum for inspiring discussions, tours into the depot and supporting the project. special thanks to: claudia augustat, manfred kaufmann, sri kuhnt-saptodewo and axel steinmann, as well as gerard van bussel, steven engelsmann, bianca figl and gabriele weiss.

"a third step to IDEAL PARADISE"
13th august 2015, 7pm
15th august 2015, 8.30pm + 11pm
16th august 2015, 7pm

installation "a second step to IDEAL PARADISE"
opening 27th july 2015, 7pm
installation open 29th july - 16th august, each day 2 hours, for detailed opening hours click here

location: weltmuseum,
heldenplatz, 1010 vienna


a third step to IDEAL PARADISE is part of the series IDEAL PARADISE, that is the last chapter of the research cycle (katastrophen 11/15) ideal paradise that has started in 2013 dealing with the configuration of the (political) reality and its ideological constructions. (katastrophen 11/15) ideal paradise by claudia bosse and a group of international artists, dancers, performers and theoreticians investigates the structure of catastrophe as a tipping point of society and generates several formats like performances, choreographies, theatre works, installations, interventions, lectures and workshops. sometimes the collection of interviews, some democratic fictions, that has been emerging in collaboration with günther auer since 2011 and consists of personal conversations about democracy, freedom, terrorism, state, history, identity conducted in cities like new york, tunis, cairo, frankfurt, zagreb, tel aviv, brussels and beirut.


method body / lecture by claudia bosse in the framework of scores "intact bodies". thoughts meet space in may / june 2013 was an installation in 18 different spaces where the interviews were confronted with media scenarios of spelling reality. here, for the first time, the majority of the archive material became part of this artistic operation called “thoughts meet space”, as a virtual space of three-dimensional thought presented in the old customs canteen in vienna accompanied by 2 performances in relation to the installation the breath of thoughts and death as well as closing act as a coproduction with tanzquartier vienna. the installation thoughts meet space beirut in october was a continuation of that artistic method and presents parts of the archive material combined with photos and objects created and collected in beirut as well as interviews. (in)valid bodies, lecture by claudia bosse in november 2013 in the framework of the symposium "public bodies", FFT dusseldorf and heinrich heine university. showing and discussion in december 2013 / the rehearsals of what about catastrophes? in the framework of the seminary "aesthetic and poetic" - performance theory and -praxis" of the university vienna, monika meister / daniela pillgrab. katastrophen: momente des umschlags in december 2013 was a research workshop by claudia bosse at tanzquartier wien. in a one-week working situation a group of artists and theoreticians met in order to concern themselves with the function and structure of catastrophe in our society, based on their respective artistic, compositional, urban or philosophical practice and based on their methods and materials. with guenther auer, claudia bosse, alain franco, omar nagati, sandra noeth and marcus steinweg. in april 2014 was the world premiere of what about catastrophes? with 4 performances at tanzquartier vienna. in september 2014 in dusseldorf was the world premiere of catastrophic paradise in coproduction with FFT dusseldorf in the framework of the series "DECOLONIZE! performative strategies for a (post)colonial age". in this context took place the symposium politics of paradise and catastrophes. thoughts meet space athens in october was a site-specific multimedia installation at Bhive in athens, turning the neoclassical villa into a talking house, speaking with voices of the transnational archive of thoughts. the installation thoughts meet space cairo presented at hotel viennoise the nomadic archive. for the second time interviews had been conducted in cairo after 2011. the installation was accompanied by a 5 day event called reflection zone that functions as a discursive and performative salon with contributions of artists and theoreticians based in cairo. in march 2015 the performance catastrophic paradise was translated from the version for a complex, multi-part building into a version for the specific conditions of tqw / halle G. in april / may 2015, at the donaufestival in krems the performance and installation a first step to IDEAL PARADISE created a workroom about rituals and political thought. this work was the first sketch for the new production IDEAL PARADISE, the last part in the overall project of (katastrophen 11/15) ideal paradise. the next step in this series took place at ImPulsTanz festival 2015: alongside the topics colonialism, cultural projection, construction of ideology(ies) and ideal communities the installation a second step to IDEAL PARADISE created walk-in narrations in an ensemble of spaces in the weltmuseum vienna. in a third step to IDEAL PARADISE this installation became a score of a choreographed performance. as performative practice urban laboratory IDEAL PARADISE intervened from october until december 2015 in different spaces in vienna and translated the experiences and materials of the former steps of IDEAL PARADISE as methodical intrusions into the city. in IDEAL PARADISE clash the absent spaces of the previous interventions and performative installations were interrelated in the theatre space of tanzquartier vienna's halle G through sound-recordings, choreographic compositions and body memories. the nomadic urban composition IDEAL PARADISE was spread into the city and played as a choreography of cohabitation and utopian togetherness on different places like a fallow site in the 6th viennese district, the hangar of the second hand shop carla mittersteig, the belvedere and the paths in between. in bucharest IDEAL PARADISE shifting space unfolded an installation that became a performance. urban laboratory IDEAL PARADISE ukraine is built on the performative practice in vienna and will examine the until 2017 the public space in lviv and kiev, taking into account the architectural, political and legal situation in the ukraine. thoughts meet space cairo in vienna was a laboratory and a walk-in installation as a continuation of the same-named installation that was taking place in cairo and was presented at tqw in november 2016 as a research and installation with live performance. as the final project of the cycle the last IDEAL PARADISE brought together the several steps and the material of the rampant series IDEAL PARADISE in the former loading station in dusseldorf. invited by the goethe-institute indonesien the last IDEAL PARADISE jakarta was an adaption with new material and an installation specifically for jakarta, which premiered february 2020.

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