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12. april - 24. mai 2011 the future of the vampires - a public research with guests, lectures, performance try outs, sound lectures and an installation


vampires of the 21st century oder was also tun?

vampires in new york


the future of the vampires – a public resarch with lectures, performance try outs and sound lectures by and with guests like philipp gehmacher (choreographer), yosi wanunu (IS/A theater-maker), maren grimm (D/A film theory and praxis), alexander schellow (D/A visual artist), christine standfest (D/A performance, theory), bernd breuer, nik hummer (A both musicians), paul wenninger (A choreographer, musician), tobias gerber (CH art theory, musician), gunther auer (sound, media arts), peter stamer (D theory / performance), ulrike hass (D theater studies), kathrin tiedemann (D theater-direction / performance theory), nora steinig (CH performance), cellardoor (A/D musicians) – a tuesday salon with spatial test arrangements about political aesthetics, space and sound, multi-narratives, as well as an changing installation written through different spaces by claudia bosse and guenther auer.

Afterwards: coming together in the vampire bar with music (hosts: anna feldbein, thomas köck, marco tölzer).

every tuesday

april, 12 - may, 24, 2011 kartographisches institut
krotenthallergasse 3
1080 vienna

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tel +43 522 25 09


the 'future of the vampires' is a public research format. from talks, discussions, encounters with friends, artists and theorists around questions I am concerned with, different lecture formats emerged following our working motives, methods and interests. now, we want to give them a try! come, join and participate in these games and articulations with and of intentions, identities and convictions, who eventually will endanger us, because they are unfinished. we are searching!

claudia bosse

foto: claudia bossefoto: claudia bosse
foto: claudia bosse foto: claudia bosse
foto: claudia bosse
foto: claudia bosse
foto: thomas köck
foto: thomas köck



OPENING „the future of the vampires“

philipp gehmacher, claudia bosse
„still framed chaos“
performance try out

yosi wanunu
„why i am not convincing the scene with my method?
lecture performance

maren grimm
"2011, 1870, 1968, 1945, 1981,..."
close reading of a fictional crime, lecture performance

alexander schellow
"me an operation of experience - karthografien des vergessens (athens)"
walk/lecture performance

26.4./8.00 pm
christine standfest
"blinde flecken"
a few biographic narratives

bernard breuer, nik hummer, paul wenninger
"SUPERélastique: Kaltes Kochen"
sound and installation - sound in space total, total noise! Yeah!

tobias gerber
"reverbed into ghosts"
lecture with sound contaminations

günther auer
"luftdruckgeräte und anderes zeug"
multilecture and sound

peter stamer
"there is no space before ME"
body, blindness, narratives -performance try out

"the vampires of the 21st century oder was also tun?"
concept/space/direction claudia bosse, sound günther auer
by/with caroline decker, frederic leidgens, yoshie maruoka, nora steinig

17.5./ca 22.00h
ulrike hass
"nur mit wem wir wollen"
a tryout of critical narratives

kathrin tiedemann, claudia bosse, nora steinig, günther auer
"factory of (un)happiness"
first steps into an ambiguous future, performance tryout

melancholic noise

in one of the rooms, a light installation by gerald roßbacher can be found (www.masinka.net).

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