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claudia bosse / theatercombinat

25.3. - 29.3.2009 perser review aischylus/witzmann/müller – performative installation, former ankerbrotfabrik, vienna (a)

die perser/les perses

tragödienproduzenten 2009
2481 desaster zone


«perser review»
performative archive of 3 productions with 3 concepts of «the persians» in 3 cities (geneva,vienna, brunswick), 3 locations and 2 languages (german/frech)

the documents of the stagings are fragmented and re-composed to be displayed in the 2.200 qm of the hall. sound documents of a chorus with 340 participants are transmitted into the hall by a chorus of loud speakers, thus entering into a dialogue with the audience.


space/installation: claudia bosse with gabu heindl and alexander schellow, sound and video editing: günther auer, sound engineering: matthias brückner, assitant: rosie pilz
with sound and video recordings by frédéric lombard, christian bort, régis golay, matthias brückner, maria mäser, arnold haberl, werner möbius et al.

concept performance: claudia bosse, performance: aurelia burckhardt, gerald singer, christine standfest, doris uhlich and brigitte futscher, ulrike johannsen, ingrid olga racz, ilse urbanek, assitant: rosie pilz

former ankerbrot factory - puchsbaumgasse 1, 1100 vienna, opening: 25.3.2009

supported by wien kultur and loft city


«perser review» installation
the acoustics of the recordings in three different spaces activate the acoustics of the actual hall; visual documentes dissect the original performative processes by deconstructed constellations rearranged in the new space. the theatrical process is transformed into an installation, creating a void (by lack of performers) to sharpen the eye for different perceptions.

photos: konstantin küspert



«perser review» performance
performers - protagonists and chorus members - enter into a dialogue with the chorus of loudspeakers, reconstruct choreographies of the respective stagings, create overlaps of live construction, loudspeaker composition, reconstruction, fragmentation and documents. each day, different passages of the text are reworked by different performers and constellations. the sediments of experiences during the working process and the representations are cross read with visual and acoustical documents. leaps of time and media (between live performance and document) initiate experimental dialogues.

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