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tragödienproduzenten 2009 (producers of tragedy 2009)

tragödienproduzenten reviews by theatercombinat adapt the stagings of the series from 2006 - 2008 and confront the texts by aischylus, shakespeare, racine, seneca and jelinek with their respective productions in different cities and locations, with various casts and institutions.

producing tragedy dossier

perser review
coriolan review
phèdre review
bambiland review

bambiland's day
bambiland 09
2481 desaster zone

die perser/les perses
turn terror into sport


march to june 2009 theatercombinat presents reviews of «the persians», «coriolanus», «phèdre» and «bambiland»: a confrontation with the previous stagings. the productions turn into installations, they will be adapted for a new space with a partly new cast or even become a film. seven productions by claudia bosse with theatercombinat and international guests:

the persians review aischylus/witzmann/müller
performative installation with acoustical and visual material from three productions by
claudia bosse in vienna, geneva and brunswick, including live-performances with participants of the productions.

coriolanus review shakespeare
first staged in 2007 with huge success in the remise breitensee, a space of impressing martial force, the production is rearranged and continued by the transmission to the ankerbrot hall: with a new spatial concept, a new choreography, and a partly new cast and translation.

phèdre review racine/seneca in french language with subtitles.
claudia bosses production with her french cast is moved from the salle de faubourg, geneva, to vienna. hosted by schauspielhaus vienna.

bambiland review (deer and missiles)
performative movie-project following felix salten's novel «bambi - a life in the woods» (1923).a documentary voyage through vienna with human animal community and video camera. public shootings all over vienna.

2481 desaster zone with texts by aischylus, müller, shakespeare, racine, seneca, jelinek et al.. a new tragedy. a performative archive. a montage of 4 tragedies and 8 productions with 7 actors. experimental closure of the series tragödienproduzenten and starting point of a new working process by theatercombinat.

bambiland's day, düsseldorf, 9/11, in cooperation with forum freies theater, düsseldorf, as part of fft's series «rückeroberung des politischen» (re-conquering the political). an urban installation with interventions.

bambiland 09 - a concertante indoor-choreography in cooperation with wien modern.

tragödienproduzenten (2006 - 2009) a project directed by claudia bosse in collaboration with christine standfest and gerald singer as well as alexander schwellow, aurelia burckhardt, doris uhlich and international guests. tragödienproduzenten was coproduced by GRÜ / théâtre de grütli, geneva, festival theaterformen and national theatre brunswick, forum freies theater (fft) düsseldorf and tanzquartier vienna and supported by cultural aids of the city of vienna (wien kultur). the texts from antiquity up to today are «the persians» by aischylus (translation heiner müller/peter witzmann), «coriolanus» by shakespeare (german by claudia bosse/christine standfest) «phèdre» by racine/seneca (german subtitles by claudia bosse/andreas gölles) and «bambiland» by elfriede jelinek.

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