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15.10. - 04.11.2008 bambiland08 urban composition in seven parts with a text by elfriede jelinek, vienna, cooperation with mak/museum für angewandte kunst, radio orange 94.0 (a)

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«bambiland08» manifestations, installations und space-compositions. parabolic speakers on trolleys, megaphones attached to helmets, trolleys with tv's, umpire-chairs as observation posts: tragic choruses of 12 objects each moved from schwarzenbergplatz via the donaukanal, the rennbahnweg housing estates to the aqua terra zoo in a former flakturm of vienna - and from the military exhibition at heldenplatz to the contemporary art depot of vienna's museum of applied arts, MAK.

dealing with a contemporary theatre-text after antiquity, renaissance and baroque, «bambiland08» transformed the political-esthetical practice of «chorus» and opened a medial-performative investigation of public space.

awarded with the «nestroy» as best independent production 2008

photos: lorant racz, johannes raimann

BAMBILAND the film 2008 by tobias dörr


concept/artistic direction: claudia bosse, concept collaboration: alexander schellow, gerald singer, christine standfest, speaker: anne bennent, performance/lab:
aurelia burckhardt, caroline farke, oliver losehand, alexander schellow, dorothea schürch, gerald singer, christine standfest, loudspeaker development/sounddesign: wolfgang musil, film: alexander schellow, object realisation/technical direction: simon häfele, technical assistance: liesl raff, production: astrid mayer, production assistance: tatiana petkova, direction assistance: alexander ratter, pr: christine standfest, press: skyunlimited, guests interventions: monika bischof, anne decker, linde dröscher, ingeborg fellhofer, tobias gerber, daniela graf-kunauer, olivia helvadjian, veronika kritzer, christl kucera, günther maier, andrea mayer, saskia pauls, susanna peterka, maria pichler, ingri racz, thomas scheiber, lucia steindl, irene stockenreitner, marie tappero, ilse urbanek, michaela wareka

«bambi's universe», MAK-gegenwartskunstdepot gefechtsturm arenbergpark in cooperation with MAK vienna as part of MAK DAY 2008

«bambi total» in cooperation with ORANGE 94.0 - vienna independent radio

supported by wien kultur and by cultural aids of the boroughs of leopoldstadt, landstraße, wieden and donaustadt

stage rights «bambiland» by rowohlt theaterverlag, reinbek bei hamburg.


bambiland. a theatre text that takes place by addressing me, us. it talks like me, like us. it produces an adverse, the listener, the central european, provoking political, medial and european cultural certainties. 2003, the 3rd gulf war. bush junior seeking revenge for his father and the lost war. concepts of the enemy, discourse strategies, technical and economical delusions of power. und we, central europeans, who are absorbing and constantly aroused by pictures and words. we, who are constantly being addressed.

war report bambiland: permanently attacking, rotating, hiding, looping. hammering, addressing and questioning. no fronts, no foes. no morals. contaminated ground. contaminated perception. war not as event but as suede.

science fiction. vienna turns into bambiland. urban movement meets choreography. haste and time. strange figures enter urban space. people direct devices delivering one voice talking to itself. actors merge and dance with objects. converted commodities. vintage science fiction.

«bambiland» - a chorus-monologue, arguing with me, the citizen.

space composition   in «bambiland», chorus becomes an infinite multiplication of a single female voice. language and language-masks from 2500 years of western european culture. parties, antagonists. speech-hostages, language-borders. a media-chorus of one single voice, superior, authoritarian. a female voice addressed as chorus-with-herself the urban surrounding, confining, expanding, transcribing it.

the text, a four track recording, follows a speech-score. some passages are a crosstalk of the same voice, a chorus with oneself, some are multiplied via all sound-objects, others distributed on different object-groups.

performers handle the objects in realtime. the city moves in realtime. the objects, acoustical-functional items become means of a realtime-composition of the text with the soundscape of the city. city and collapse compose with jelinek's text.

schwarzenbergplatz, 15.10.2008

12 parabolic speakers on trolleys
3 tv-trolleys
12 umpire-chairs

opening of the series «bambiland». surveying the political place. super-scribing of the historical ground by a mobile choreography with 15 performers, who move language and spectators. the sound-objects are manoevred in changing formations, targeting the interior or the city, they rotate, dance, spanning a permanently varying network of sound.


donaukanal, 18.10.08

12 megaphone-helmets
1 tv-trolley

subverting the city. two sides, two parties. border between first and second district. OPEC premises. petrol headquarters, hostage taking. people with megaphone-helmets scan the space, dispersing the language composition via the channel.

«bambiland expedition» - haus des meeres, aqua terra zoo vienna, esterházypark, 21.10.2008

12 megaphone-helmets from the roof-deck of the flakturm
cordless headphones in the tropical centre
PA of haus des meeres, otherwise used for announcements
6 parabolic speakers at the corners of the viewing platform
2h46 min

«bambiland» as indoor biotope. artificial world. animal actors. their link: voice, text. the expedition starts in front of the former air raid defence tower, ending on top of the building.


«bambi's universe» - MAK gegenwartskunstdepot gefechtsturm arenbergpark, 26.10.2008

12 megaphone-helmets
12 parabolic speakers on trolleys
3 tv-trolleys
12 umpire-chairs
8 h

bambiland morphs into art space. bambiland-objects become exhibits allowing a re-reading of the space.

the performance started in the tower and promenaded through the city, framed by 12 people with megaphone-helmets. it finished at the then empty heldenplatz where the military equipment was stored away. 2h30min.  


«bambi total» heldenplatz and ORANGE 94.0 MHz, 26.10.2008

portable radios

radio parade. language interferes: military exhibition. discourse battle. war-disney. european beliefs. come along, bring your boom boxes or any kind of radios and join the walk to heldenplatz! «bambiland» and europe's positioning in the war in iraq spread as radio parade over the military exhibition at heldenplatz. war equipment vs. jelinek's discourse battle.



rennbahnweg housing estates, 31.10.2008

12 parabolic speakers
3 fixed megaphones
6 umpire-chairs

«jelinek's disney». 3 courtyards at rennbahnweg 27, vienna, donaustadt. acoustical-performative intervention. 3 parallel settings with speaking umpire-seats and parabolic loudspeaker-trolleys. places of hyper-directness. confrontation with the authority and hubris of art. possible disintegration and collapse of strategies - of the text, of our research.  


  schwarzenbergplatz, 04.11.2008

observation post of 12 umpire-chairs
12 megaphone-helmets
12 parabolic speakers on trolleys
2 hares

end of the research series «bambiland08»: a choreographic setting developed out of the previous investigations, interrupted by three manifestations in different directions into the city. documentary material became part of this action on u.s. voting day with bar and projections and tv-live-reports of the u.s.-elections! the acoustical media changed from the parabolic speakers to the megaphones and back.

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