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14. – 30. juni 2009 bambiland review: rehe und raketen - performative film project based on the novel «bambi» by felix salten

bambiland's day

tragödienproduzenten 2009

2481 desaster zone


«rehe und raketen» (roes and rockets)

a fictional-documentary journey through vienna. «bambi», a social parable: the survival of a human animal community in the metropolis - education, property, sexuality, social rules, threats, poverty, love, war and death.

shootings vienna 2009
preview 11.9.2009 düsseldorf
premiere 2011

direction: claudia bosse, camera: frederic lombard, sound: günther auer, costumes: christina romierer, script: gerald singer, claudia bosse, christine standfest, audio recording: frederic lombard und günther auer, audio recording bambiland: wolfgang musil, speaker bambiland: anne bennent, assistent director / line producer: andreas gölles, assistant of camera: lorant racz, assistent of audio and costumes: marco tölzer, production & catering: edit rainsborough, assistant of production: rosie pilz

supported by wien kultur an cultural aids of vienna's 2th, 4th, 5th, 7th, 9th, 10th and 12th districts.


photo: simon rainsborough

bambi: christl kucera, bambi's mother: christine standfest, gobo: gerald singer, faline: ilse urbanek, ena: aurelia burckhardt, he: wolfgang kindermann, the old: alexander schellow, bunny: yoshie maruoka, ronno: tobias gerber, karus: andreas gölles, the prince: marco tölzer, roes and deers: luka bosse, veronika kritzer, konstantin küspert, rosie pilz, alexander ratter, marie tappero, michaela wareka, dog: merlin, as well as: simon rainsborough, erzherzog johann and pedestrians.

special thanks goes to the vienna film commission, the magistratsabteilung 42 - vienna city gardens, magistratsabteilung 46 - traffic organisation, magistratsabteilung 28 - street administration and road building, magistratsabteilung 59, wiener linien and wed

photo: simon rainsborough
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