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11.9.2009 bambiland's day düsseldorf - an urban sound installation with a text by elfriede jelinek, coproduced by forum freies theater as part of the series «rückeroberung des politischen» (d)

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bambiland review
tragödienproduzenten 2009
2481 desaster zone
  an urban sound installation with text transmitting stations, sound islands, media installations and performances in public space.

a city as entry lane of jelinek's rhetorical force. «bambiland» by elfriede jelinek infiltrates düsseldorf's centre from three rooftops and infects the city acoustically. a chorical dialogue of one single female voice with the city, spoken by actress anne bennent.

«bambiland»: an examiniation of war and its medialization in transition of 2500 years. concepts of the enemy, discourse strategies, technical and economical delusions of power as twelve hour supersonic sounding in urban space. a dialogue with düsseldorf. a city in a state of emergency.

photo: oliver paul, click to view series


installation/text composition: claudia bosse, speaker: anne bennent, loudspeaker development and sounddesign: wolfgang musil, interventions in cooperation with aurelia burckhardt, gerald singer, christine standfest, alexander schellow and students of the ruhr-universität bochum, assistant: anne-kathrine münnich, technical assistant: dieter nicka, production: edit rainsborough.

11.9.2009, düsseldorf: wilhelm-marx-haus * kunsthalle düsseldorf * heinrich-heine-platz * burgplatz * grabbeplatz * pavillon carsch-haus * schlossturm * galerie schmela

film pre-preview rehe und raketen at fft juta (kasernen-straße 6, 40213 düsseldorf)

stage rights: rowohlt theater verlag, reinbek bei hamburg

coproduction with fft, supported by kunststiftung nrw; thanks to peter rieleit from drachenladen düsseldorf

«tragödienproduzenten» is supported by wien kultur.

photo: edit rainsborough, click to view series


photo: edit rainsborough, click to view series

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