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7.11.2009 bambiland09 elfriede jelinek - concertante indoor-choreography, former ankerbrotfabrik, wien, coproduction mit wien modern (a)

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a concertante indoor-choreography with loudspeaker-carts, moved by a dancing animal chorus. based on the text «bambiland» by elfriede jelinek, written during the gulfwar 2003.

director claudia bosse arranges 12 moving acoustical machines in space, aligns language and composes sound by a choreography of media. rhythmised, clashing language becomes music, music becomes politics. the war correspondence performed by the text turns into a media-related contemplation. bodies in costumes, animals and media, roes and war. a cultural disneyland of the war.

the text sounds through the voice of anne bennent, a single female voice as culturally and politically incorrect authority. a voice as chorus with itself. an allocated, splintered voice, schizophrenic and omnipotent. weapons of sound, talking to themselves, attacking. «bambiland» by elfriede jelinek - a chorical-monological discussion with me, the audience.

clip: alexander könig


choreography/speech composition: claudia bosse, speaker: anne bennent, director of sound/speaker development: wolfgang musil, by/with: aurelia burckhardt, alexander schellow, gerald singer, christine standfest und tobias gerber, andreas gölles, joachim kapuy, christl kucera, yoshie maruoka, marie tappero, ilse urbanek, michaela wareka, assistant director: dieter nicka, technical direction: marco tölzer, costumes: christina romirer, guest student: thomas köck, production: edit rainsborough, press: skyunlimited

former ankerbrotfabrik, puchsbaumgasse 1, 1100 wie
n, one-time performance: 7.11.2009

supported by wien kultur, cultural aids of vienna's 10th district and loft city. coproduction with wien modern. stage rights by: rowohlt theater verlag, reinbek bei hamburg

photos: lorant racz



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