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21. - 24.4.2009 coriolan review shakespeare, former ankerbrot factory, vienna (a)

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turn terror into sport

tragödienproduzenten 2009
2481 desaster zone

  citizens´ rebellion in times of crisis. battlefield. city. street. war camp. an oppressed class. the dawn of democracy at the beginning of the roman republic. riots demanding bread, now in a former bread factory: battle scenes, entertainment, tap dance. metal taps on concrete.

shakespeare's «coriolanus» (1607/08) with commentaries from mao to agamben, in dance.
the play of shakespeare where the people turns into an agent of history. a political play: speech as weapon. speech against bodies. bodies revolting against speech. choreographies with and around the spectator. 6 actors and a tap dance chorus set the room into rhythm - „nothing less than a magic moment“, as «der standard» put it.

first shown in 2007 at the remise breitensee, a space of impressing martial force, the production is now restaged and transfered to the ankerbrot factory: with a new spatial concept, a new choreography, and a partly new cast and translation.


direction/concept: claudia bosse, actors: aurelia burckhardt, oliver losehand, anne marchand, gerald singer, christine standfest, doris uhlich; the people: christl kucera, graziella handschuh, hildegard hochfellner, astrid mayer, andrea mayer, anne-kathrine münnich, ingrid müller, isolde müller, nora mitro, marie tappero, michaela wareka, nada frauenhofer; translation: claudia bosse/christine standfest, space: liesl raff, thanks to jonni winter/winter009, tap dance training: sabine hasicka.

former ankerbrot factory - puchsbaumgasse 1, 1100 vienna, premiere: 21.4.2009, 3 presentations

theatercombinat with tragödienproduzenten is supported by wien kultur. coriolan review is supported by cultural fonds of vienna's 10th district and loft city

photos: lorant racz

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