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02.09. - 30.09.2005 palais donaustadt installation. temporary art space at donaucity vienna with the formats ballet palais, firma raumforschung, archiv im palais, film im palais, picknick am wegesrand (a)

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concept / installation

ballet palais
firma raumforschung
film im palais
archiv im palais
picknick am wegesrand

publication: skizzen des verschwindens


a yet unimproved construction site at donaucity, vienna's «little manhattan», between tech gate and danube, houses a temporary installation for theatrical and discoursive negotiations of theatercombinat and guests: «palais donaustadt».

«palais donaustadt» - urban residual of 10 500 sqm. a white art space in permanent public, located at the gateway of the functionalised zones of donau city and «copa kagrana» - an area with clearly marked zones and time-frames of life, work and leisure.

«palais donaustadt» was opened by ballet palais, a choreography developed during a 4 months public rehearsal process. a camp of the discoursive series firma raumfoschung (space research inc.) dealing with questions and methods of space production, which were picked up by the weekly formats film im palais and the musical series picknik am wegesrand. archiv im palais documented the history of the aera and its site-development.


palais donaustadt installation/concept/artistic direction: claudia bosse, production/public relations: christina nägele, context/public relations: gerald singer, christine standfest, research donaucity/production assistant: tobias gerber, interns: elisabeth bernroitner, gwendolyn sebald, nadine weber, planning consultant: jonny winter/BKK3

ballet palais by + with markus keim, julia reinartz, angela schubot, matthew smith, christine standfest and doris uhlich. choreography/direction: claudia bosse

firma raumforschung / space research inc. with sabine bitter, andrea börner, oliver frey, gabu heindl, irina kaldrack, christa kamleithner, rudolf kohoutek, bojana kunst, ralo mayer, bärbel müller, gini müller, georg schöllhammer, daniel schürer, peter stamer, christian teckert, bettina vismann, bernd vlay, helmut weber; camp respondents angelika fitz, katherina zakravsky; concept: claudia bosse; concept collaboration: christina nägele, christine standfest, christian teckert

film im palais curated by firma raumforschung, gerald singer, claudia slanar and christian schulte, coordination: gerald singer

picknick am wegesrand an initiative of the viennese club/electronic/independent musical community with more than 50 participating artists, groups and networks invited by theatercombinat

archiv im palais
concept: tobias gerber and julia wieger

archive material with support of friedrich achleitner, bezirksamt donaustadt, lothar fischmann, thomas jakoubek, otto kapfinger, peter klopf, rudolf kohoutek, adolf krischanitz, siegfried mattl, eva prochazka, peter rantasa, katharina ritter + azw, reinhard seiss, hannes swoboda, robert temel

«palais donaustadt»


art space by theatercombinat, located at donaucity, vienna. a residual urban area of 10 500 sqm between tech gate and danube is coulored in white and becomes a venue for theatrical negotiation. the production of space happens by encounters of aesthetic interventions, residents and visitors: social procedures take place, become transparent, allow confrontations of daily life and artistic practices.

the aesthetic appropriation of the installation space happens by different formats. during september 2005, theatre, film, music and discourse inscribe themselves into a common artistic space, one after another, simultaneously and together. the space is continually re-articulated by different practices and their respective media-qualities. methods and questions of space production connect the artistic formats which are produced and presented at palais donaustadt.

the location with its unusual dimensions and context, its outstanding exposure and publicity, challenges spatial regimes of artistic production and presentation. palais donaustadt criticises ideas of space and the public within the art world, questions their exclusiveness, conventions of time frames, strategies of presentation and limited spatial concepts and phantasies.


02.09. 18.00h opening palais donaustadt and premiere ballet palais, afterwards premiere party with dj werner möbius and bar im palais with amadeus kronheim 04.09. 16.00h ballet palais 05.09 11h start camp firma raumforschung 05.09. 21h film im palais short films by sabine bitter/helmut weber, rashid masharawi, hito steyerl, et al. 07.09. 20h ballet palais 08.09. 17h-23h picknik am wegesrand 09.09. 18h ballet palais 10.09. 12h-24h presentation of firma raumforschung 12-15h contextualised spaces, 15-18h temporary art and theatre spaces, 18-21h spaces of performative action, 21-24h monumentality and public space 11.09. 16h ballet palais 12.09. 21h film im palais motion pictures: alphaville, une étrange adventure de lemmy caution (jean-luc godard, 1965), songs from the second floor (roy andersson, 2000) 14.09. 20h ballet palais 15.09. 17h-23h piknick am wegesrand 16.09.

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