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claudia bosse / theatercombinat

02.09. - 30.09.2005 palais donaustadt – installation. temporary art space at donaucity vienna with the formats ballet palais, firma raumforschung, archiv im palais, film im palais, picknick am wegesrand (a)

press review

concept / installation

ballet palais
firma raumforschung
film im palais
archiv im palais
picknick am wegesrand

publication: skizzen des verschwindens


the open archive of palais donaustadt presents research material of vienna's donaucity. interviews with architects, urban developers, theorists, sociologists, political representatives and magistrates such as lothar fischmann, eva prochazka, adolf krischanitz, reinhard seiss, rudolf kohoutek, hannes swoboda, friedrich achleitner and peter klopf are accessible via audiotapes and inform in addition to texts and images about the history of the area its highly controversial urban development strategies. interviews with visitors and spectators, protocols of the rehearsals and other texts from the preparations of palais donaustadt document the theatrical intervention of theatercombinat.

archiv im palais

space-concept: tobias gerber and julia wieger

open during september 2005 parallel to the showings at «palais donaustadt»

archive material with support of friedrich achleitner, bezirksamt donaustadt, lothar fischmann, thomas jakoubek, otto kapfinger, peter klopf, rudolf kohoutek, adolf krischanitz, siegfried mattl, eva prochazka, peter rantasa, katharina ritter + azw, reinhard seiss, hannes swoboda, robert temel




historical, political and economic background information, interviews, urban development strategies and architectural designs are critically examined in relation to their realisation. by confrontation with the material of the project «palais donaustadt», the archive becomes a place of negotiation of the dramaturgy of historical changes, future developments and temporary artistic intervention.

additionally, the archive provides background information for camp firma raumforschung. during the whole process it is supplemented and open for the interested public.

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