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claudia bosse / theatercombinat

02.09. - 30.09.2005 palais donaustadt – installation. temporary art space at donaucity vienna with the formats ballet palais, firma raumforschung, archiv im palais, film im palais, picknick am wegesrand (a)

press review

concept / installation

ballet palais
firma raumforschung
film im palais
archiv im palais
picknick am wegesrand

publication: skizzen des verschwindens


the chronology of appearance

since september 2004 negotiations with the owning company WED about the availability of the location march 2005 final accreditation to use the partly public, partly privatised property since june daily public rehearsals of theatercombinat for ballet palais mid june mounting of container ensembles beginning of july office routine at installation starts beginning august establishing archiv im palais including interviews with residents, architects, city planners as well as information about the history of the area and its development strategies mid august finalisation of the installation, ground colouring completed 2.09. 2005 18.00h: opening palais donaustadt and premiere ballet palais.

space as ready-made, aesthetic as alienation

a temporary art space at vienna's donaucity. 10 500 sqm of wide urban residue between tech gate and danube. the installation space is permanently visible from all sides and vice versa - from the installation site, all surrounding areas can be observed: the adjacent construction site, circumferential gallery-like walkways for residents and employees and the offices of international corporations and local companies, hidden behind their vast glass fronts. an area of 10 500 square meters of unused urban space was coloured in white. the paint homogenises the surfaces and empties the area, at the same time rendering it visible as clearly outlined space to question the adjacent surroundings. on two levels, with a difference of 9 meters in height, the installation contains a building pit which was generated by the excavation of the former waste disposal site, the surface of the upper level is generated by the coping of the motorway to the south. out of an unimproved empty site a sculpture comes into being, which draws its structure from the adjacent buildings and estates – the site itself will be improved in 2010 by a 200 m black tower designed by dominique perrault.

three container ensembles quote the material of the adjacent construction site. they connect and confine the installation area, contain necessary facilities and deconstruct the meaning of the already existing containers of the builders by their positioning and functions. the white space «dislocates» the area. space-assigned social contracts, practices of space production, spatial functions and economies of time are displaced and questioned. outlining the area exposes its surroundings and extends the performance space into its context. the thus exposed artistic space encloses, paradoxically, via its openness the social, architectural and planning-context of vienna's donaucity and its surroundings. it turns into a venue for reflexion and clashes of spatial practices, different functions and economies of time.

claudia bosse, theatercombinat wien


pictures: claudia bosse, bärbel müller


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