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02.09. - 30.09.2005 palais donaustadt – installation. temporary art space at donaucity vienna with the formats ballet palais, firma raumforschung, archiv im palais, film im palais, picknick am wegesrand (a)

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concept / installation

ballet palais
firma raumforschung
film im palais
archiv im palais
picknick am wegesrand

publication: skizzen des verschwindens


«film im palais» presented short films/-videos, experimental and essayfilms, movies and documentaries about architecture and the politics of images and space. the theatrical space and the surroundings of palais donaustadt are atmospheric screening-landscape, structural as well as associative context of the chosen works. on four evenings fictional and non-fictional imaginary spaces about cinematographic space appropriation and the orchestration of power emerge from the whiteness of the area.

film im palais

curated by firma raumforschung, gerald singer, claudia slanar and christian schulte; coordination: gerald singer

05.09. short films by sabine bitter/helmut weber, rashid masharawi, hito steyerl et al.

12.09. motion pictures by roy andersson and jean-luc godard

19.09. short films by gordon matta-clark, ulrike müller, kurt kren, corinna schnitt et al.

26.09. essayfilms by alexander kluge, peter schamoni and christian schulte



film im palais 1 starting point of the series. the members of the camp were invited to propose filmic worksalong their subjects for a common screening. the program raises questions of the historical, political, aesthetic, social and economic production of space, which are picked up on the following evenings.

film im palais 2 double feature as dialogue between two approaches of cinematographic construction of city/reality: jean-luc godard's «alphaville» (1965) meets roy anderssons «songs from the second floor» (2000). by confronting montage technique and extended shots, a phenomenology of urban space in everyday states of emergency is created.

film im palais 3 deals with questions of construction and production of space in shorts and experimental movies around the topics of site development - social space - urban landscapes. the works focus on conditions and presentability of «different spatiality» as opposed to easily legible, structured geometrical and geographical space (michel de certeau).

film im palais 4 shows documentaries and filmessays which question urban architecture from the perspective of critical theory: «brutalität in stein» («brutality in stone», 1960) by alexander kluge and peter schamoni visits the nuremberg nazi party rally grounds, where one and a half decades before the fascist idea of volksgemeinschaft was choreographed. kluge's «der angriff der gegenwart auf die übrige zeit» («the assault of the present on the rest of time», 1985) examines the principles of urbanity and its manifestations in the context of daily life.

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